Samarkand (A Turquoise Odyssey)

Samarkhand collection header. Sterling silver and turquoise jewelry. Handcrafted in India. By Lai

The spectacular city of Samarkand, at the crossroads of the Silk Roads of yore, is as old as Rome with a history of human habitation going back up to 40,000 years. A land full of romantic exoticism, dotted with gems of Islamic architecture- immense in their scale and delicate in their beauty. Topping these gems are huge vivid turquoise domes- ribbed and ornamented or smooth and sparkling- standing out against the usually bright blue skies.....stoic, serene, and ethereal. They give us a glimpse into a time that has become the stuff of legend and now an inspiration for our collection "Samarkand- A Turquoise Odyssey".

The collection not only draws from the architecture in Samarkand- the jalis, the arches, and the domes- but also tries to highlight the beauty of turquoise gems by using it in various cuts and settings.

As a gemstone turquoise's beauty has been highly prized for centuries. It is esteemed as a holy stone and a bringer of good fortune. For us, it is one of those gems that possess the rare quality of being perpetually in trend and timeless at once. Forever chic. Forever mesmerizing.

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