Nayika decorative plate

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Design code: CS-1003-B

An organic teardrop-shaped, petite-footed plate, with an outline of a woman with a parrot ((a symbol of love, loyalty, and longevity) in Kalighat painting style. Handcrafted, with silver wire inlay, by master craftsmen in Bidar, Southern India, using time-honored techniques handed down over centuries.

Beautiful and elevated home decor objet d'art that conveys a true sense of artistry and heritage with an emphasis on craft, craftsmanship, and form.

Enjoy it as an accent piece on a coffee table, console, or mantel. Or as wall art- alone or grouped with other plates from this collection. These days, as we spend more time at home, it's the little things that spark joy. Perfect gift for Christmas and Diwali.

Dimensions: approximately 10.25" long, 6.75" wide, and 0.5" high.

Weight: approximately 690 gms.

Care: A light rub with silver polish (like Silvo) will help lift any tarnish on the silver wire inlay. As will rubbing the surface with a soft white pencil eraser/rubber. The luster of the black metal surface can be restored by wiping down with coconut oil.

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