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Poornima just received the packet and went "yeeeeeeeeee lavv it". So I guess it was a success! Third year in a row I'm giving her Lai. Thank you for being so creative. It's a boon for people like me who are not at all so! :)
- Archana Subramanya, Bangalore (India) (5th November'16)
The Alhambra collection is undoubtedly a ROYALTY, a must-have collection and this piece is breathtakingly beautiful. The detailing and the finish is also, out of the world. Loved the soft gold-plating as well. I wore it for a few mins just to see how it looks and it is a stunner. Just pair this with kohl and lipstick and we are ready to party. Best decision ever to have finally bought this. In Love! Thank you for this creation, Puja! :)
- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (20th October'16)
I received the parcel today, Puja and just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how delighted I was! Each piece is beautifully crafted and your attention to detail is astounding! I'm so glad that I have one piece of jewellery from four of my favourite collections! I'm especially happy with the chandelier earrings from the Alhambra collection - it's exquisite! Wearing it feels like hearing the soft rustle of silken curtains in the breeze. Thank you for the art that you make!
- Urmi Basu, Gurgaon (India) (12th October'16)
I received the jewellery. Honestly, I was surprised to see that it was exactly the same as shown in your catalogue. I am very happy with the jewellery and so is Ishani. Thank you once again.
- Chandana Mukherjee, Singapore (10th October'16)
I came home from Delhi to find your parcel waiting and as usual, the pieces are so delicate and lovely that we can't stop staring at them! The green pendant is so so lovely, you are a genius to have come up with something so beautiful and delicate! Meanwhile, I realized that the turquoise ring from the Greek collection would be rather orphaned if I don't get it companion earrings and a pendant, given that your jewellery is literally flying off the shelves!
- Devika J, Trivandrum (India) (9th October'16)
I received my 2 nose pins yesterday and I really love them! ! It was a surprise tosee them in my mail box. Was not sure if I would be able to pull off such huge pieces but it was quite the hit. I don't know if you would remember me but we had a conversation back in April regarding shipping domestically in the USA and you had said that it was on the cards. Congratulations on the fantastic website and I'm so happy I can shop your designs when I want. I'm so excited and can't wait to wear the mango pearl pin this evening. I am sending you a picture :)
- Vandana Iyengar, Illinois (USA) (7th October'16)
I finally got my stuff! Soooo happy to see it and wear it. As expected the quality and cut is perfect! In one word your work is all about 'finesse'! It gives me immense joy in collecting Lai as a heirloom for the next generation. I will have many memories which I will be weaving with Lai and then shall pass it on to next generation who would be happy to possess designs and creations that are really timeless and trend-less......they do not follow any trend but create their own fashion statement and have their own category! They are incomparable! All the best Puja- and much love and respect for Lai!
- Ekta Kundra, Singapore (28th September'16)
Received the courier.....I was coveting that chain for so long.....simply love it. Thank you for your generosity in sending that Greek earring. Announce the new collection soon....waiting eagerly to see what u have come up with!
- Nadia Faisal, Chennai (India) (23rd September'16)
Got the delivery of my shipment today. Coming from Lai, its needless to say that each piece has been crafted with so much finesse and the intricate detailing speaks out for your passion towards the art! Every design is unparalleled and you as the person behind Lai always ensures to come up with what's in vogue. Thanks a bunch for introducing Lai to us. A proud Lai patron :)
- Tanu Pathak, New Delhi (India) (14th September'16)
Thank you for the beautiful pieces you created and sent my way. I hope the people I give them to appreciate it just as much. Thank you!
- Deepthi Unnikrishnan (India) (13th September'16)
I received the courier yesterday. To be frank, the photos do not do any justice to the actual product. They are splendid. Although, I bought it to gift, I was extremely tempted to keep them for myself. :D
- Smitha HV, Bangalore (India) (10th September'16)
Received the earrings today. Had my eyes on this pair for a while now and I finally possess them. Such a different looking pair. Love the rhodium detailing. It's beautiful! Thanks for creating such beauties. Every time, I order a pair and I think to myself "This is it! Am done" and then I receive the pair and my greed is back again wondering "next what". I think I am in need of therapy now.! :P
- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (7th September'16)
Don't want to sound like smothering you in praise, but the black ring is one of finest pieces of jewellery I have seen of its range and kind. What I like about Lai is the right balance it strikes between jewellery and wearable art , which makes it suitable for all kinds of occasions. In kerala especially jewellery is an investment and so the standard stuff is usually meant to show off wealth and based on terrible exploitation of artisans. We have a horror for it! Yet the work of many young jewelers is too avant-garde for my tastes - like that I found in Singapore, full of nuts and bolts and nails. I like all your work, and will keep picking up pieces regularly.
- Devika, Trivandrum (India) (3rd September'16)
I received my parcel today. The nosepin is really pretty! Thanks a lotttt... I will upload a pic soon.
- Atheetha, Thrissur (India) (3rd September'16)
Just to let you know that I just received both items, and I am truly hooked! Your work is just as I expected, even more beautiful than the images on your website!
- Devika, Trivandrum (India) (29th August'16)
I loved the bookmark. So pretty, so beautiful. Such exquisite design. Really loved it.
- Puja Chakraborty, Mumbai (India) (24th August'16)
My brother received it yesterday. He loves it. For someone who reads a lot and collects bookmarks it's perfect. I will soon be placing order for other accessories from you. Am a fan of silver jewellery and your designs are beautiful. Am glad I landed on your website searching of unique rakhis!
- Mayuri, New Delhi (India) (11th August'16)
I have received the jewellery.......love them!! Thank you so much!
- Nischita Miskin, Bangalore (India) (11th August'16)
Received the earrings today and they are exquisite. So beautiful. Cant get my eyes off them. Took it out of the cover and kept it in front of me. Admiring it every now and then. :P I am running out of adjectives. Have no words to describe your designs. In simple words, they are so me! :) Thanks a ton for all your collections, Puja. I thank the day, I bumped into LAI on Facebook. :)
- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (3rd August'16)
Received the earrings and the Rakhi too....just loved them all. The Bidri earrings are just beautiful. I have a liking towards silver jewellery and have always been buying the same. But Lai jewellery is class apart. Each piece is a treasure. That's the reason I just cant stop buying. I am sure I will take another Bidri earring once they are ready
- Tamanna Suri, New Delhi (India) (31st July'16)
Received the packet a while ago today. The earrings are exquisite. Thank you so much for the express delivery.
- Surabhi Bhattacharya, Bangalore (India) (27th July'16)
Received it today. It is lovely and am sure will make a great gift.
- Debosmita Nandy, Gurgaon (India) (26th July'16)
I have received the package today. The nose pin is really pretty and craftsmanship excellent. The rakhi might turn out to be the most unique gift my brother would have ever received on rakhi!!
- Sushmita Sarkar, Delhi (India) (26th July'16)
Received the nosepin in perfect condition and it is truly a delightful piece! Waiting to wear it during the festive season this year! I even know which saree I will be pairing it with! Thank you so much!
- Rohini, Trivandrum (India) (25th July'16)
I received the consignment yesterday. Needless to say, it was breath-taking. Your designs are a statement! I cannot wait to wear them. Thanks again for bringing a smile with your handiwork.
- Susan Deborah, Goa (India) (23rd July'16)
The earrings are lovely! Everyone in my family loved them.
- Madhurima K, Delhi (India) (23rd July'16)
Thanks so much for such lovely pieces of jewellery that I own now. Can't tell you how happy I was on seeing all three of them. Just loved each one of them. All three of them were birthday gift to myself :-) I wore the Lapiz threader on my bday and can't tell you how happy I was. Really loved the hair pin too, it's just awesome..I am sure I will be back for more.
- Tamanna Saxena, New Delhi (India) (20th July'16)
I received the package today... I'm still staring in disbelief as to how beautiful the nose pin and the ring are... I always wanted a nose pin and was hesitant to buy fearing it may not suit me but this Paisley nose pin is soo lovely, I love it on myself... The ring us so beautiful - the design, the colours, the craftsmanship, simply awesome.. I'm already wearing them both :-) thank you so so much once again, this totally made my day! P.S. Hubby thinks I look supercool wearing the nosepin.. He said it's a perfect blend of ethnic and contemporary!
- Subhadra Lakshmanan, Dublin (Ireland) (12th July'16)
I say, All hail Puja! Your work is extraordinary. The earrings are so light, petite and delicate yet it looks so full. Very good craftsmanship. I am taking this along for my holiday (just in time!). Will send you a pic after I return. :)
- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (12th July'16)
I got the courier today. I love the nose pins!
- Richa Kulkarni, Bangalore (India) (11th July'16)
Received the earrings Puja - thank you! They are absolutely gorgeous! They're bigger than I had imagined and I love that. My husband is usually such a pain when it comes to my jewellery, and he basically had his jaw drop when he saw this. He said this is the best pair of earrings I've ever owned and it is supremely "classy." He also took it from me, inspected it for 10 minutes and said that the craftsmanship is exemplary. I have no words haha!
- Anisha Padhee, Bangalore (India) (6th July'16)
The earrings are gorgeous and the quality is fantastic, which is a huge struggle while ordering online. You never know what you get when you order online. I feel like I can trust your website, will definitely order again :)
- Radhika Raj, Mumbai (India) (4th July'16)
The rakhi was received at my parents home in India. It’s our 3 month old daugher Aradhya's first Rakshabandhan. My sister lives in Germany & the rakhi is for her 2 year old son. I wanted our daughter’s first rakhi to her loving brother be memorable & Lai’s silver rakhi marks this special occasion beautifully! So a special “Thank You” to you.
- Anumeet Roy, Toronto (Canada) (22nd June'16)
I received the earrings today. Your designs are international and so addictive! The Alhambra (PB-9849-ER(G)) looks fantastic. It's royal. Totally in love! :) The Bidri (PB-1396-ER) is elegant and smart. A very contemporary piece. The Mukta Carita (PB-9147-ER) is a beautifully crafted pair. The design is stylish and to die for. Now I know, why there are so many fans of this pair/collection. Truly a designer piece! On a different note Puja, I have been flaunting my earrings to my woman-colleagues for a while now and apart from Shilpa Mahesh who bought from you earlier, 2 others have supposedly emailed you enquiring about their choice. So, your earrings is a hot topic at my workplace. :)
- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (7th June'16)
I received the earrings today and completely love them. Exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality, as always from you.
- Sushmita Sarkar, New Delhi (India) (3rd June'16)
Just got the package in the mail, it did get here pretty fast. Love love love the pendant, it is exquisite, so modern with traditional bidri work. Thanks again!
- Deepa Golub, Rangeley (USA) (28th May'16)
Received the courier today. Earrings are stunning Puja! Thank you so much.
- Mihika Deshpandepuram, Pune (India) (24th May'16)
Thank you so much for Bidri! I can't stop looking at it and touching it. One can feel the passion with which its been created, I can feel your heart and soul into it. Can't wait to wear it tomorrow! I am in love with my pieces , must say its made with Finesse and so much attention to detail- each curve, each contemporary setting ....Kudos and hats off to team Lai! You have won my heart this time and made me Lai's ardent follower ! Need to place round 2 of Bidri :)
- Ekta Kundra, Singapore (23rd May'16)
I finally laid my hands on your gorgeous pieces and promptly wore them to a dinner. What compliments I received- will take pics and send you as I was busy preening over my new acquisition. Thanks and love them!
- Shammi Kachru, Delhi (India) (23rd May'16)
Thanks for the really beautiful earrings. I was tempted to try out bidri range from Caravan, however when you announced about your upcoming range in bidri, I waited; and it has been really worth the wait. Also, would like to thank all the crafts persons of Bidar, who have produced such beautiful products, in-spite of extreme weather conditions prevailing in their neighborhood. Thanks once again.
- Namitha Bhupalam, Bangalore (India) (21st May'16)
Received it Puja! Thanks a lot! Both the pendant and the earrings are lovely :)
- Ankita Mukherji, New Delhi (India) (21st May'16)
Puja- I received the stuff- love it! :) Thank you very much!
- Tanuka Ghoshal, Hyderabad (India) (20th May'16)
Received the package and what a stunning ear piece and bracelet. Unique design and beautifully crafted. Worth the wait!! One of few sets which I will be passing it to my daughter and she is just 12 year old!
- Girija K, Bangalore (India) (20th May'16)
I got the goodies and as always the design and workmanship is lovely and exquisite. Loved them all.
- Supti Datta, Bangalore (India) (20th May'16)
I received my package.. and they are beyond stunning :D:D:D. I really could not have imagined bidri to turn out like this! Thank you!
- Anu Gummaraju, Bangalore (India) (19th May'16)
Received the package today and on time, as always. Exquisite, I must say. The earrings are so beautiful and unique. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind design/collection. Also the best part, it can be worn in so many ways. The finish is fantastic just like all your other collections. That's your trademark. All in all, it was definitely worth the wait. :) (P.S: Showed off the pair to my lady colleagues ;))
- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (19th May'16)
Received the courier today; the pieces are so pretty that I had to try them on as soon as I opened them.
- Hima Bindu, Singapore (19th May'16)
Exciting collection this! Bidri work, one of my favorite crafts, added to that the Lai touch; so many options and beautiful designs to select from. But then I saw the birds and that was that. Sending a picture....
- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (19th May'16)
Just received it. Love it as always!
- Prarthana Chatterjee, Kolkata (India) (19th May'16)
Received the piece. It is gorgeous! Looking forward to wearing it. :)
- Sarayu Natarajan, Bangalore (India) (18th May'16)
Puja - the packet arrived.. Its soooo beautiful , couldn't take my eyes off them.. Only regret is I didn't order the ear ring, thought the black and green I bought from you will go, but a bidri ear ring is a must!
- Parvathi Viswanathan, Bangalore (India) (18th May'16)
I just received my order. The earrings are exquisite. Just love them. Thanks a lot.
- Sonal Kothare, Navi Mumbai (India) (18th May'16)
Stunning, drool worthy collection! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Saroja Sanjivi, Dubai (USE) (17th May'16)
Received the package, thanks much. Very pretty!
Thank you and here's to many more.
- Krithi Aiyappa, Bangalore (India) (9th May'16)
I got the package.Thanks for lovely ear rings.:-)
- Shilpa Mahesh, Bangalore (India) (5th May'16))
Got the earrings....Beautiful, perfect pieces...love them both.
- Geetha Nagaraj, San Diego (USA) (30th April'16)
The day you posted your update on the new collection on FB, that very morning I thought that there hadn't been an update from you in a while and was pleasantly surprised to see your post later in the evening. My husband and I have been blessed with a baby girl in March, and a few days back, I was telling my mum that I now have someone to pass on my curated (growing) collection from Lai :) they will now really turn into heirlooms :) As usual this is a stunning collection. [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Ritu Lahiri, Bangalore (India) (30th April'16)
What a beautiful collection!! Well dome to you. Really difficult to select few! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Archana, USA (29th April'16)
Wonderful collection, Puja! I am beyond words! You put so much thought into each collection of yours, such in-depth research, such beautiful collaboration with artisans! Learnt so much about Bidri from your write ups and from the collection itself! Stay blessed always! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Devjani RC, Kolkata (India) (28th April'16)
I just received the package, Puja. The same earrings that I already had and lost unfortunately but the excitement to have them again is just as immense. Just love this pair for its intricate work and style, so i had to have it again. Opened it and wearing it at work already. :)
- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (27th April'16)
Was just bowled over by your new collection! Ever since it landed in my inbox, I've been checking out the album at least once a day, just unable to decide which piece I like best! My shopping ban has totally failed in the face of your wonderful designs - the temptation was just too strong :-) I love the direction your work has taken, with a sophisticated, very strong sense of identity, while still being rooted in craft traditions. All the designs are so "Lai", while being fresh and contemporary. [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Namrata Roy, Bangalore (India) (26th April'16)
Many congratulations for producing such superlative designs and I am in awe of the creativity in coming out with these zen like creations :) [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Shalima Jacob, New Zealand (24th April'16)
Loved your new collection! I particularly loved the asymmetry in most of the pieces, makes them look exquisite and unique [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Shalaka Mulherkar, Texas (USA) (23rd April'16)
Bidri X MCM!! What an awesome collection! I am thoroughly confused :( I cant make-up my mind which pieces I want!
- Trupti Kargaonkar, SF Bay Area (USA) (23rd April'16)
You have done the basket ball equivalent of a slam dunk. Ravishing, mind boggling designs which are very inspiring. I am amazed at Ur creativity to reach beyond known boundaries and push to set higher standards. Very creative and original designs. I am having a hard time choosing. Anyways after staring at them for almost two days I have whittled down to these ones... [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Nadia Faisal, Chennai (India) (22nd April'16)
Hi Puja! I amazed with your creativity and each effort put in behind this range. You are working in a right direction by giving real meaning to hand craft work rather than curated work which sometimes I feel is nothing but putting things together but this is something you have created with your own hands ! More power to you and I am so Glad that I came across Lai! It's such a pleasure to see your work because you not only gives us an opportunity to own artistic creation but also inspire me !Congrats and kudos for putting your yet another best foot forward :) My best wishes always always with you. Now the tough part !! What to buy and what not! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Ekta Kundra, Singapore (23rd April'16)
Puja, as much as I admire your creativity and attention to detail, I also wish I had all the money to buy every single piece of this collection. Really Hard to chose. I went through the collection many times. It looks more and more appealing every time and I'm not able to make a decision.well done Puja. Cheers to you and Lai. [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Rekha Sachith, Singapore (21st April'16)
The Bidri - MCM is so beautiful. I think you've captured the ethos and geometry of the MCM style. I have always found that architectural style to be closest to my ethos of elegant aesthetics and practicality. [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Sarayu Natarajan, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)
Stunning collections!! Unique designs, so hard to decide which one to own. [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Girija K, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)
Kudos on trying with Bidri, what you have! That's a craft that could really do with some meaningful design intervention and it's always heartening to see the passion with which you approach your craft revival projects. [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Pooja Jagadeesh, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)
The collection is fro sure not be missed. Loved every design! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Sankeerthi, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)
The collection is super-sexy and super-stylish! Loved it. Such a one-of-a-kind unique collection. I am now confused what to order. :( P.S: I continuously kept checking/refreshing my mail since 3PM IST today, waiting for your email. You wont believe it, i just happened to open my BULK folder to clear it and i see your email sent around 4PM IST today. I am still wondering, how it went to bulk. Nevertheless, the wait is over! Yay! Let me go through and email you back with my order. :) [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
-Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)
Great designs, had to go back and forth to narrow down selection. :) [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]
- Swapna Aroskar, NJ (USA) (21st April'16)


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