Alchemy (Bidri Objet d'art)

Decorative accent plates. Bidri metal and silver plates Design-led, luxe, handmade home decor art objects. Handmade in India by Lai and Craft Stories

al·che·my (n) a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Our new collection is a melting pot of various inspirations- a little bit of Jamini Roy and Kalighat paintings of Bengal and a pinch of the organic lines of modernist ceramics, brought together and magically transformed with the unique and ancient craft of Bidri. From this synthesis, we hope to have created objets d'art that inspire, inform, start conversations, and celebrate beauty, art, and craftsmanship.

Bidri is the fine art of metal-on-metal inlay that dates back to the 15th century and is said to have come to India from Persia. The sparse, contemporary aesthetics of this craft belie the complicated and time-consuming steps that go into its creation. The hand-casted alloy of copper and zinc is engraved and inlaid with silver wire. At first, a dull grey, when oxidized in a boiling slurry of a special mineral-enriched soil found only in Fort Bidar, the alloy turns a lush black. And the fine inlay design, now permanently set, gleams and shines against the ebony black. A magical craft, indeed.

We've collaborated with a 5th generation artisan family to produce a limited edition of contemporary, design-forward objects that breathe new life into this ancient tradition. Apt we think, for a craft that has been passed down generations to take the shape of heirlooms that we hope will be passed down your generations.


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