Super chic, minimalist, polygon locket in gold-plated brass with sterling silver chain

$220 USD

Design code: PB-MM1054-N

Handcrafted in brass and gold plated. The chain is in sterling silver.

Dimensions: (of the locket) 3 cms long, 2 cms wide and 2 cms height. Total length of necklace= 16" + 1.5" extension chain.

Taking care:

These amulets, lockets, and talismans all have moveable components that need to be handled with care to prevent any accidental damage. Taking note of the following points will ensure that your jewelry stays in ship shape for the longest time:

(1) To close, gently press on the closing edge. Do not press in the center of the jewelry- this pressure can damage it!
(2) Only open your locket/amulet as far as it can comfortably go. Most of these pieces are designed to be opened halfway- forcing them to open all the way through can permanently damage the piece.
(3) Avoid exposure to: perfume, deodorants, hairspray, salt water, chemicals, or abrasive materials.
(4) Do not swim, bathe, or shower with your jewelry on.
(5) To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth. Store in a dry place in the plastic pouch the jewelry was sent to you in.


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