Long, sleek, dangling 'tota' (parrot) earrings

$320 USD

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Design code: PBZ-2131-ER

Handcrafted in sterling silver with genuine hand-painted miniature paintings/artworks enclosed between a silver plate and a glass front. Accented with fine hand-painted enamel work.

Sophisticated, subtle, and exquisitely detailed. Embracing bright colors, a sleek silhouette, and a symbolic, playful motif (the tota/parrot), - these stunning earrings guarantee effortless wearability and elegance. Our favorites- sure to become yours too.

Trivia: Parrots have always been considered sacred in India. Revered in texts, myths, legends, and art; celebrated as messengers, storytellers, and predictors of the future; parrots also symbolized fertility, love, and passion. In fact, one of the most famed depictions of the parrot is as the vahana (mount) of Kamadev, the God of Desire, and his companion Rati. Interestingly, Vatsyayana's Kama Sutra, (c. 6th century CE), lists training a parrot to talk as one of the 64 requirements of a man!

Dimensions: 7.8 cm long and 2.5 cm at the widest. Push-post closure.

In a quaint home-cum-studio in Rajasthan, each miniature is deftly painted, using centuries-old techniques. Please allow for minor variations in the artwork and color, in keeping with their hand-painted nature.


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