'The Ashwins'; whimsical prancing horse earrings

$150 USD

Design code: PBZ-1435-ER

Handcrafted in sterling silver with fine hand-painted enamel work in pink, navy blue, yellow, and red enamel.

These asymmetrical (yes, the left and right earrings are different!) stunners have it all. Playfulness, determination, joy, power. They are the whole package and more. Super versatile, they'll go with any outfit, ready for any occasion. Trust us, they'll be your favorite. They are, ours.

Trivia: these beauties have been named after the twin Vedic gods of medicine, 'Ashvins', who were also described as 'divine twin horsemen' in the Rigveda. A horse symbolizes power, energy, wealth, and abundance. It also represents speed, movement, desire, and passion. A vehicle of Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, it is also a symbol of royalty. Probably our favorite animal, right after elephants. :)

Dimensions: 4.2 cm long and 3.7 cm at the widest. Push-post closure.


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