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Stunning, asymmetrical, long, Tantric art earrings

$300 USD

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Design code: PBZ-2130-ER

Handcrafted in sterling silver with genuine hand-painted miniature paintings/artworks enclosed between a silver plate and a glass front. Accented with fine hand-painted enamel work.

'Tantra', an esoteric and complex branch of Hinduism, might be explained in simple terms as a path towards spiritual perfection and magical power.

These stunning earrings feature a pair of abstract Tantric miniature paintings based on 17th-century illustrations from Indian religious texts that, without intending to, exquisitely bridge Eastern spirituality with contemporary aesthetics.

The miniatures abstract key symbols of Tantric metaphysics and cosmogony, ('yoni'- the triangle symbolizing the divine womb/source/female and 'linga'- the ovoid symbolizing the phallus/male creative energy that is complementary to the 'yoni'), each communicating a spiritual narrative through iconic symbols known as yantra.

Whether you choose these poetic earrings for their symbolism or for their sheer visual appeal, we're sure you'll wear this versatile pair often- just be ready for the many conversations they'll start!

Dimensions: 8 cm long and 3.1 cm at the widest. Push-post closure.

In a quaint home-cum-studio in Rajasthan, each miniature is deftly painted, using centuries-old techniques. Please allow for minor variations in the artwork and color, in keeping with their hand-painted nature.

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