The 'Little girl and friends' hoops

$125 USD

Design code: PBZ-1448-ER

Handcrafted in sterling silver with fine hand-painted enamel work in yellow, red, and navy blue enamel. The stone used is a genuine carnelian.

A little girl in a striped skirt. A fish. And a balloon. Simple, pure, and joyous.

Is this collection a reflection of the new wave of awareness and appreciation, of our own history and traditions, with a romantic value attached to the simple life and the “folk soul”? Perhaps. But more than that it is an honest homage to the pure-of-soul, childlike, joyful aesthetics of folk art that celebrated things that were and are truly important- nature, animals, birds, people, and community.

Wear these beauties with linen dresses, silk shirts, or simple tees and jeans. To coffee dates or dinner parties with lipstick-stained glasses.

Dimensions: 6 cm long and 3.3 cm at the widest (this is the diameter of the hoop). The girl charm by itself is 1.7 cm long, the fish 1.15 cm, and the stone is 1 cm.


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