Story-rich, head-turning, hasli (neck ring) with miniature painting pendants

$530 USD

Design code: PBZ-1505(S)-N

Handcrafted in sterling silver with genuine hand-painted miniature paintings/artworks enclosed between a silver plate and a glass front.

If you like your jewelry with personality, uniqueness, and a bit of cultural resonance, then these stunning haslis (neck rings/torques) will be right up your alley!

Choose from five different subtle, yet distinctively regal haslis- we played around with dozens of painted miniature pendants and put together these five signature combinations for you. 

(1) Devaloka: comprising of (from left to right):
square red Goddess Kali, round black Goddess Ganga [mounted on a makra (crocodile), holding a jar of amrita, lotus and one hand in varada mudra (a gesture by the hand symbolizes dispensing of boons)], and white rectangular Shrinathji (Krishna).

(2) Tantra: comprising of (from left to right):
round Goddess Kali, square Tantra diagram, and red round Vishnu-hasta (hands of Lord Vishnu).

(3) Pakshi: comprising of (from left to right):
elongated oval Mughal ababeel (swallow), elongated oval Mughal Koel (bird), and red drop-shape tota (parrot).

(4) Guldasta: comprising of (from left to right):
black inverted drop-shape Mughal lily, yellow round Mughal khasakhas (poppies), and dark blue small round Mughal floral motif.

(5) The Miniaturist: comprising of (from left to right):
square yellow Mughal khasakhas (poppies), round chandra aur nakshatras (moon god and the stars), and oval Mughal ababeel (swallow).

In case you want to put together your own combination, you can buy the plain neck ring (without any hanging pendants) in this listing and purchase miniature painting charms, to hook onto the neck ring, individually, here.

We, for one, can't resist a beautiful piece of jewelry that marries symbolism and age-old craftsmanship with modernity and timelessness- can you? Offering equal parts drama and sophistication, these artistic pieces will complete any ensemble with ease. Wear them, cherish them, and then pass them on to the next generation.

Dimensions: Approximately 13 cm in diameter.

Please note: The pendants/painted units, in the Signature piece, are attached to the necklace and can't be removed and used as charms.

In a quaint home-cum-studio in Rajasthan, each miniature is deftly painted, using centuries-old techniques. Please allow for minor variations in the artwork and color, in keeping with their hand-painted nature.


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