Indian folk art charm necklace

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Design code: PBZ-1259-N

Handcrafted in sterling silver with fine hand-painted enamel work. Set with a genuine faceted Garnet.

Jewelry is a simple yet meaningful way for people to tell their stories through personal adornment. This 'Indian folk art' charm necklace is for all you cultural vultures, individualists, and story collectors, with an eye for the unique.

The charms are interchangeable. You can buy the necklace with the charm you like the most and then buy additional charms here, to add on/swap with.

We can't think of any outfit this exquisite necklace won't elevate or any occasion it can't be worn to. Authentic, colorful, and sophisticated- truly a collectible piece of jewelry that defines 'Indian Modern'.

The necklace is 2-tiered and the two chains are connected at the back with a 'lobster clasp' closure. If in the mood to go all out, wear it with a matching ring or earrings from this collection!

Dimensions: Total length of the necklace alone (no charms added to it), end to end, is 16.5" (including lobster clasp) with an additional 1.5" of extension chain. The smaller chain on top is approximately 15" long.

The dimensions of different charms (including lobster clasp on top) are:

(1) 'aam' mango charm: 3.3 cm long and 1.7 cm at the widest.

(2) 'paksi' bird charm: 3.25 cm long and 3.1 cm at the widest.

(3) 'gau' cow charm: 3.8 cm long and 3.55 cm at the widest.

(4) 'asharfi' Mughal coin charm: 3.5 cm long and 2.1 cm at the widest.

(5) square 'sapta matrikas' guardian charm: 3.2 cm long and 1.9 cm at the widest.

(6) round 'sapta matrikas' guardian charm: 3.9 cm long and 2.5 cm at the widest.

(7) 'kurma' tortoise charm: 3.75 cm long and 2.15 cm at the widest.

(8) 'dhenu' cow charm: 3.3 cm long and 2.6 cm at the widest.

(9) 'gaja' elephant charm: 3.15 cm long and 2.85 cm at the widest.

(10) 'devi' goddess charm: 3.7 cm long and 2.8 cm at the widest.

(11) 'bankura' horse charm: 4.8 cm long and 2.3 cm at the widest.

(12) 'matsya' fish charm: 6.9 cm long and 2.15 cm at the widest.

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