Classic, link charm bracelet

$190 USD

Design code: PBZ-1248-B

Please note: this listing and price is for a plain link bracelet only. The charms that are shown in some of the pictures are not a part of this product and need to be purchased separately.

Handcrafted in sterling silver.

Imbued with history, iconic status, and everlasting devotion- a classic charm bracelet is one of those rare pieces of jewelry that managed to never go out of style, finding devout followers generation after generation.

If we were going to expand our charms collection, how could we not add this style to our repertoire? It is after all a classic for a reason. Wrapped around one's wrist, the unforgettable sound of all the charms jangling in a unified harmony- telling our stories, commemorating our special occasions, and showing a glimpse into our lives, hobbies, and beliefs. 

Personalize your link bracelet by adding your favorite charms onto it. Keep adding or swapping charms as life unfolds and as new charms get acquired- literally creating an intimate, wearable memoir of your life.

Click here to buy our signature charms, rife with creativity and symbolism. Mix them up with the ones you already own and voila! You have a stunning piece of jewelry that is truly a future heirloom- the kind that's meant to be collected and loved – then passed down and loved again.

Dimensions: Approximately 18 cm long. Free size.

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