Free To Be Me; ring

$100 USD

Only 2 left.

Design code: PB-10691-R

Handcrafted in sterling silver.

Dimensions: (Face of the ring) 2.6 cms long and 2.4 cms at the widest.

Ring size: Adjustable.

Message: 'Free To Be Me'

Part hidden in graphic patterns, when you care to hold the ring close, the message reveals itself to you.

It has been believed since time immemorial that if one kept certain words or phrases close to the skin, their potency would be exponentially increased. This positive, empowering message when looked at, even passingly, sends subliminal messages to the brain, re-enforcing it's positivity every single time.

We wanted to create pieces that are current and tell the story of our times. We wanted to create jewelry that excites, inspires, and intrigues. We wanted to make jewelry that was personal to every person who owns it. And we wanted you to be able to gift these to your sister, best friend, mother, daughter, and aunt.


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