Indian Jewellery Project

Inspired by the 'Indian Memory Project', the 'Indian Jewellery Project' (IJP) aims to be a crowd-sourced visual history of Indian jewelry through the personal archives of families.

What that means simply is that we are seeking contributions in the form of pictures from your family albums (with emphasis on the jewelry worn there in) to compile what we hope, with time, can become a big enough source of reference as well as plain eye candy as to what kind and how jewelry used to be worn in days gone by.

Your contribution can be an old picture with your grandmother/ mother/ a relative wearing a striking piece of jewelry along with a little narrative about who they are, significance of the jewelry piece worn- if any, current status of that piece of jewelry (i.e handed down or melted/sold or unknown etc.).

Any photograph submitted should feature a jewelry piece where the piece itself or the context or the way it has been worn has something meaningful and historic to convey. Only photographs taken before 1980 may be submitted.....anything later than that is too recent!

If you have an heirloom piece of jewelry that you would like to share with others but don't have an old picture of someone wearing it, please feel free to take a shot and share that too with it's story.....that would be great way to document our jewelry heritage too!

Also, if you have come across a relevant image(s) while trawling the net or from another external source like a magazine then that too can be submitted. We have a separate section for that.

We are really excited about this and hope a lot of you will come forward and share glimpses of your family heirlooms with us at the Indian Jewellery Project!
Indian Jewellery Project archive is currently housed in it's Facebook and Pinterest pages. 
          IJP submission by Anu Varma (USA)
"This image is of my Nani, Mrs Kusum Sinha. She belonged to a prominent Kayastha Family of Bihar. This photograph was taken in Feb'1939 by my Grandfather RK Sinha. He was an avid photographer & had a dark room ("photo karma") & printed his photographs at home. She is wearing is a bright wine red Benarsi tissue sari, gold & Kundan matha patti, 4 tiered Jhumka in gold & minakari & kundan kadas. The kadas & earrings have been passed down to me."- Anu Varma (USA)
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