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I came home from work today to  find your courier. They are stunning. Really looking forward to wearing them.
Thank you!
-Pooja Jagadeesh, Bangalore (India) (7th Dec 12)

Rcvd d earrings, really lovely and very intricate work :) thank you!
-Lakshmi Sudarshan, Bangalore (India) (7th December'12) 
Guess what arrived in the mail and is sitting pretty in my ears.. :-D
Thank you for brightening an extremely morose day! 
- Shilpa Sharma, Jaipur (India) (21st Nov’12)
Got the earrings! Gorgeous work!
- Abha Mahajan, Chandigarh (India) (19th nov’12) 
I received your packet yesterday & it is beautiful. It has a unique value of old coin, which I think new generation does not have a clue what a quater anna was. Ofcourse I also had not seen but use to hear from my father & granny of what all they use to get in one anna etc. etc. looking at the coin & the ring all the memory of my parents flashed back. Sorry about going personal in my life.
But coming back to the point the ring is beautiful & my wife from the exhibition had bought three sets of necklace, that's where the idea of coin ring, I mentioned it to my sister & she loved the idea. Fortunately my bro-in-law is in town & leaving tonite, everything turned out perfect. I hope this ring which is small fits her. She did opted the option of small. Thank you once again !
-Piyu Sheth, Mumbai (India) (11th Oct’12)
Yes I did receive them and they have been well falunted in the office as well :) Thanks so much for the beautiful creations..!
- Pragya Khanna, New delhi (India) (3rd Oct’12)
I have received the packet last evening. The ear tops are great. 
-Sharmila Majumdar, Kolkata (India) (2nd Oct'12)
I received my mehendi collection and thappa collection earrings yesterday (thanks to Geetha for mailing it out to me) :-)  Love them! 
Although I have worn my Lai earrings quite often, I have neglected to take a photo, but will do so the next time I wear it and send it to you.
- Priya Srikanth, Portland (USA) (11th Sepy’12)
Really admire all the jewelry i have bought from you so far.
- Charuvi P. Agrawal, New Delhi (India) (30th Aug’12)
I received the pendant a couple of days ago. Apologies for reverting to you about the same so late.
I really liked the design and workmanship. Its so sleek, clear and beautiful.
- Shivika Chopra, Noida (India) (26th Aug’12)

Just received the parcel. Amazing job. Posting a photo on your facebook page.
I eagerly look forward to your next innovative collection!

- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (17th Aug’12)

Got the jewellery. I am loving it. The pendant appears big in the snap but its not so big when i saw it now :) Both are such elegant and intricate designs. Loving it, thanks so much!
I will treasure these for the unique design :) hugs to you & team :)
- Sri Priya, Chennai (India) (17th Aug’12)
Thanks Puja. We received this on Saturday and she wore them this morning. She liked them. Looking forward to more collections( She has already ordered something from your limited edition Mehendi collection and should be on the way)
- Debashish Kar, Delhi (India) (12th Aug’12)

I received the earrings today. Lovely lovely earrings! 

Your mehendi collection is so fabulous! It's a shame I just bought from Lai. But I accessed my 'emergency funds' for the limited edition. I can't let it get away. Hehe.
- Shalaka Mulherkar, Mumbai (India) (11th Aug’12)

I received the earrings couple of days ago. They are gorgeous, I love the craftsmanship and uniqueness of your designs. IMPECCABLE! :) Your intial collections look so much better when I actually see and feel them than in the pictures. :-)
I am now a proud owner of two lai pieces, the earrings and a chain from the paisley collection which I picked from shopo.inI am officially a Lai Loyal now! ;-)
-Shilpa Swamy, Chennai (India) (9th Aug’12)
Thank you for making such beautiful designs available to us.
- Ajit Phadnis, Bangalore (India) (31st July’12)
I finally received the 3 pairs of earrings that I had ordered from you from your Greek collection.  I love the earrings!!!  The hoops (with the lapis lazuli danglers) were a little bit bigger than I expected, but love them too. 
Will send you pics soon and look forward to ordering more from you ... soon!
- Priya Srikanth, Portland (USA) (26th July’12)
I have recieved the package and am very happy with the earrings. Thanks a bunch!
-Smita Sharma, Jaipur (India) (19th July’12)
Received the packet. Loved the pieces..in fact wearing the earrings today!
Do let me know when the Mehendi collection is up for ordering. WIll love to have some pieces from that. Facebook tells me that the collection is shaping up well..
-Yashi Sumeetkumar, Kolkata (India) (10th July’12)
I love your silver jewellery n i've been looking for you for so long! i bought a lot of your stuff from fabindia n i think i met you at a dastkar mela in delhi at your stall but lost your details. 
finally, i've found your facebook page and hopefully i can get in touch with you here. there are soooooo many pieces i like!
- Snigdha Sehgal, Delhi (India) (2nd July’12)
Thanks! I got the courier and indeed it's beautiful! Do keep me informed whenever u exhibit in Delhi . 
- Megha Bhardwaj, Delhi (ndia) (28th June’12)
The stuff has arrived, and it is brilliant. Thanks, I'll spread the word, and I hope to order more stuff soon! 
- Amrita Datta, New Delhi (India) (27th June’12)
I am bowled...! SO beautiful this piece is...And just the types I like...Finally I have got a Lai into my collection which I will wear almost everyday..!The parcel reached 20 minutes back and I cant stop seeing my ear in the mirror.. :)) Thank you Pooja and of course I should appreciate myself for deciding upon this so fast..!
-Amrita Tripathy, Banglaore (India) (23rd May’12)
Just received the parcel. Its really pretty. Thank you so much for sending it so promptly.
-Akanksha Mehra, Noida (India) (15th May’12)
The earrings reached my sister-in-law in Dubai last night. And she LOVED them! Thank you so much!
- Nisha Thomas, Cochin (India) (8th May’12)
Received the pack yesterday in good order. Just love it.
As soon as some time permits will check your designs and select something for my sister as her b'day gift, she stays in mumbai.. so in my physical absence I think your designs are the best to express my love, wishes and emotions for her on her b'day.
- Simanti Chakrabarti, Delhi (India) (8th May’12)
The package has reached its destination well in advance, and been greatly appreciated. That makes it worth the while. Thank you for taking care to inscribe my name--I get so lost in the big picture that I often forget such crucial details. This was one great interaction and we too are looking forward to return to your works,
- Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata (India) (20th April’12)
My mom received the package. She said that the jewellery is really very pretty and different.
I knew that. By the way, your grecian collection is awesome. Have to wait a bit, before I splurge again!
- Meera Pyati, Dharwad (India) (29th March’12)
I got to know about your collection just five minutes ago. My girlfriend asked me if she can wear some of your creations in our wedding. I think this is reason enough for me to write to you straightaway, presuming you would like to be offered this tribute as much as I would like to get married to her. Of course, she is not an ordinary girl but then I realize, on looking at some of your creations that you are no ordinary designer either. The wedding is some time away; nor can we afford plenty of shopping at the moment, notwithstanding your ridiculously affordable prices. As someone who dabbles with writing, I know how much thought, care, energy and dedication are invested into every single detail of every single design and execution, especially if you are a young professional with only dreams and sincerity to egg you on. Take a bow Puja and you have just earned a couple of lifelong loyalists.
- Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata (India) (26th March’12)
Spoke to my mom today. She received the package and said that all the earrings especially the Rangoli collection is even more beautiful in person!
-Siva Priya (USA) (21st March’12).
You have an impeccable taste and i adore ur jewellery <3 great job!
Thank you for the the most exquisite n beautifully carved and designed jewelry............am in love with it........You have done an amazing work of craft with each piece of jewelery that u have created..am going to be flaunting them one by one.........Great work and all the best for carrying on with this beautiful art form....................
LOOKIN FORWARD TO owning many more creations of yours and hoping to meet you sometime.
- Harmeet Saini, Dhaod (India) (13th March’12)
I love love love em! they r by far d most fantabulous piece of earrings ive seen!
i absolutely love d colour combination uve used in dis piece.
- Tanu Sehgal, Chandigarh (India) (29th Jan’12)
I received the earrings today. They are gorgeous! And exactly like the photos. Thank you!
- Shalaka mulherkar, Mumbai (India) (28th Jan’12)
Got the courier. The earrings are awesome! Thanks! Do keep me posted when your Greek collection is retailed! :) 
- Dhara Shah, Pune (India) (23rd Jan’12)


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