What our customers are saying! (2)

I have received the parcel. The necklace is so beautiful. I liked it a lot. It will go both with the western and ethnic wear :-)
-Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (2nd March’14)

Hi...puja...got the samarkand  pieces...they r gorgeous as usual!
-Varsha Aher, Navi Mumbai (India) (1st March’14).
Got the packet Puja and absolutely loved the earrings. Wish i could take a picture that could do absolute justice to these lovely works of art...thank you so much.

-Saroja Kanan, Chennai (India) (1st March'14) .

What to say Puja...... When I opened the beautiful packed bag I was stunned seeing the rings- they were so btfl and more than what was there in the photo.
My 5 year daughter Arya has booked it saying it's hers when she grows up! :) She loved it....she said it is so btfl on ur finger.
This is my first order I loved it and I want to keep in touch with ur blog and jewellery . I am waiting for ur next jewellery puja. Thank you very much.
-Raksha Baliga, Bangalore (India) (1st March’14) 

Thank you thank you thank you for awesome stuff yet again.
Claudia Philps, Banglaore (India) (27th Feb’14)

I've received my ring n earpiece. They r beautiful. And this is just the beginning of our journey together. Will send u the pic n review after I come back from my trip. I am immensely happy to own these pieces from your collection :).. Thanx for making my day!!
-Anuja Agarwal, Gurgaon (India) (27th Feb 27’14) 
I have recd my ear rings and they are awesome.
-Seema Das, Bangalore (India) (13th Feb’14) 
Forgot to drop you line - so sorry... recieved the package and the very very gorgeous earrings on monday!! They're lovely and i'm waiting to pair them with something (a salwar suit in turquoise or black?) equally nice. I'll be photographing myself in them and posting the photo to my facebook soon. Thanks so much, it was a lovely start to the week!
-Ketaki Rituraj, Mumbai (India) (12th Feb’14)

I received the parcel today and gave it to mum. She absolutely LOVED the earrings. She wanted to wear them right away even though we were in a hurry to leave home. She's still wearing them! Will be sending you pictures soon. :)
She loves the colors! Plus it reminds her of a pair of earrings my grandmum gave her when she was younger.
And I love the way it really so much does remind you of a rangoli.

I am really sad that I missed some of the rangoli and thappa ones-the ones that got sold out- that are so beautiful and unique. I am secretly hoping you come out with another thappa collection :D and eagerly awaiting your new collection.

-Titiksha Pandit, Mumbai (India) (11th Feb’14) 

I'm so much in Love with your creation, I feel that every piece is designed and crafted for me. Wish I could buy all and flaunt every day and I know there are many more to come and enhance my attire. Looking  forward for more beautiful creations.
Wishing you Good Luck creative brain and success !
-Nazima Patel, Hague (Netherlands) (11th Feb’14) 
It's been two weeks now since mum's b'day, but she's finally chosen to wear the earrings for a family friends 25th wedding anniversary along with the saree dad gifted her, the combination works perfectly! 
Yes, she loved it! and the attached picture reflects it all. :)
I did manage to wrap the gift with my skills in paper quilling and presented it to her that day.
I'am glad that a product from you has added to the wonderful woman that already is.
-Geeta Vishwanathan, Mumbai (8th Feb’14)

LOVED the earrings, have already worn them twice, as usual, lovely craftsmanship! But this time I was no longer pleasantly surprised, more like I was anyway expecting it! :)
Keep them coming....Would love it if you make something with rubies.... :)

-Shilpa Swamy, Bangalore (India) (10th Feb’14)

I received the earrings today. First of all, thanks for the fast shipping. The earrings are exquisite and so delicately crafted. Love the intricate look and feel of the piece. I received them in my office and showed them to some of my women colleagues, they promptly became your fans and have asked me for your business page link.
Looking forward to more beautiful collections from you.
-Sushmita Sarkar, Delhi (India) (9th Feb’14)

Received the packet last evening. Many Thanks. The piece looks lovely. This is my first Turquoise earring and am loving it. :)
-Surabhi Rajiv, Bangalore (India) (6th Feb'14) 

Just received your earrings it's beautiful n very well done. Thank you so much!
-Pearlin Jacob, Tirunelveli (India) (6th Feb'14)

I received the earrings and ring from the Samarkand collection first thing firsts thanks for the super fast delivery :):)And coming to the jewelry what do I say have been going ga ga ga ga ga !!! I havent removed the ring from the time I got the parcel its beautiful and exquisite :) :) the earrings and ring go sooo well together.. :) :) I am already planning the clothes and the occasion that I can wear it .Above all the ring made my 16 month old daughter so amused she just kept touching the ring hahhaha she has her eyes on it already so it might be the very first piece f jewelry I would pass it on to her :) :) 
I am sooo happy that I bought these Puja... ofcourse I am officially a Lai loyalist now !!!!!
-Priya Durairajan (UK) (5th Feb’14) 
As a history buff, I have always admired the "Turquoise" Architecture of Samarkand and now I feel like I own a part of this rich heritage! Thank you for safely delivering the package as always.
-Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (4th Feb’14) 
Just received the earrings and they're absolutely gorgeous .. In fact they're  all  set to become my favorite daily wear pair cause they'll go with just about everything I wear :) 
Thanks a ton and keep up the fabulous work ! 
-Ankita Maini, Mumbai (India) (31st Jan’14)
I received the earrings yesterday. They are absolutely lovely!
-Namrata Roy, Bangalore (India) (30th Jan’14) 
Got the ring today. I absolutely love it!  I was concerned that it would be too big and the edges would poke my other finger but it fits wonderfully. I have a few pieces of jewelry that I like to wear all the time, I know this is going to be one of them. 
The new collection is exquisite as well. I have too many pieces in turquoise already so I am controlling myself. Can't wait to see the next. 
-Megha Sud, Paris (France) (28th Jan’14) 
The earrings got delivered today and I got to see the actual piece its gorgeous very beautiful and intricate :) :)  now I have to get a matching neckpiece from you to complete the look for sure :) :)
Can't wait for your new collection and hopefully make loads and loads of purchases- will soon send you pics tooo!! Keep up the sooperb work you are doing and making all of us look more beautiful !!! :)
-Priya Durairajan (UK) (22nd Jan’14) 
Got all the 14 items. I MUST SAY splendid! Silver has been so beautifully crafted and so delicately made that hats off! The bangles are perfect :)
Loved them - waiting for your uzbekistan collection...
- Priya K (Singapore) (21st Jan’14) 
I have been looking for a pretty turquoise earing for 
My collection, I guess this was a beautiful coincidence :)
This is my second Lai pair and love them.
I showed to few jewellery freaks like you and me and they fell in love with the collection in first sight.
-Jesal Mehta-Doshi (18th Jan’14) [mumbai] 
I can’t tell you how many compliments I have had for my coin necklace, literally every time I wear it someone says how lovely it is! I also have your Mughlai collection necklace that I love but have taken off the rigid red wire as it was uncomfortable!?
Would love to buy some of you stuff on the website ...
-Claudia Philips, Bangalore (India) (14th Jan’14 )
Hi...received my earring...loved it!! Makes me want more!
- Prarthana Chatterjee, Kolkata (India) (16th December'13)
I have liked the earrings. The work in it takes me back in time and reminds me of a carved window or a door of  a palace or some ancient historical monument..Circular designs are my favourite but I have liked the other one more. 
-Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (15th December'13) 
Sorry for the delay in responding - have received the jewellery this week. As usual your work is just lovely and I got a lot of compliments on the pieces whenever I've worn them especially the coin ring. 
-Ankita Maini, Mumbai (India) (15th December'13) 
I received my earrings yesterday. Now where should I begin, I am not a very confident online buyer, specially when it comes to jewellery. As a journalist I have met and interviewed quite a few very successful online jewellery sellers and buyers and have heard all sorts of stories from them, both good and bad. When I stumbled upon your page sometime earlier this year, I was instantly drooling over your designs but was not sure what to do about it. Too strong an urge to indulge in your jewellery prompted me to read each and every word of what your buyers and loyalists had to say. I went through the pictures, I read, read and read and as confident as I could be I placed the order. And lo and behold, sure of what I was expecting I was treated to something much much better when I opened the packet. It is absolutely amazingly beautiful :) I had read somewhere on the Lai page that a lady plans to hand down pieces by you as family heirloom to her daughters and looking at my earrings I knew in an instant why. Hats off for managing such precision and finesse....I am enthralled. While I was placing the order and I was waiting for the delivery you shared some pins about yourself and your work and I connected so much. It was almost like walking into your favourite silver store cum worshop and choosing what you love over a cup of chai :) Such a holistically delighful experience. Thank you!! Even before I ordered this set of earring I had my wishlist ready and now I am going to bother you time and again with purchases from it as and when the opportunity arrives.
Thank you Puja and God bless you!!
- Pallavi Shahi, Pune (india) (14th December'13) 
I received the two rings yesterday,they are beautiful.
Thank you,the one from the earlier collection is just as I had imagined,the oxidized silver and gold contrast is really special. My children think the ring from the Kutch collection looks like the sun.
- Smita Patwardhan-Pandey, Mumbai (India) (12th Dec'13) 
I received the package. 
Earrings are so so beautiful! They are so delicately done and me being a first timer at Lai, I really liked the quality. Can't wait to flaunt them. Keep up the good work. 
-Sreelakshmi Gupta, Bangalore (India) (12th Dec'13)
I have received the bangles. Unexpectedly fast!!
They are amazing..can’t wait to wear a kurta and these bangles! Thanks for everything!
- Preeti Manchanda, New Delhi (India) (11th Dec'13) 
Got the package. All very well crafted! Thanks!
-Nitya Ranjan, Hyderabad (India) (11th Dec'13) 
Hi! I received the jewellery yesterday and I am completely thrilled! Really beautiful.
-Shikha Bajaj Ahmed, Kolkata (India) (10th Dec'13) 
I absolutely love the earrings. Have worn them every day since they arrived! 
Great work, and all best, 
-Amrita Datta, Bangalore (India) (6th Dec'13) 
Puja received the packet. Was out of town and hence the delay in replying to your mail. The jewellery is  exquisite, exactly as I thought it would be. Waiting to wear it and enjoy it ! Thanks! here's to your  creativity!
- Parvathi Viswanathan, Bangalore (India) (2nd Dec'13) 
Hi Puja, I received my earrings today and they are fantastic! Really love them but the best are the silver with pearls. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more great stuff. Many thanks!
- Sejal Desai, Ahmedabad (India) (30th Nov'13) 
I was very excited un-wrapping the package after a long and hard day at work. Thanks for the lighting speed shipment. :)
The earrings and ring are intricately designed and very lovely! Just can’t take my eyes off them. I must say that each piece was made with a creative and artistic soul in mind from the start to the finish. You have put in much effort in making them unique and one-of-a- kind!
They will certainly go well with my Kurta which I bought this afternoon (what a coincidence! J)
But I will definitely wear them on my Grandfather’s 100th birthday which is coming really soon! And also, during the Christmas season!  Will try to take a photo or two when the time comes!
Thank you, Puja and keep up the good work. I look forward to owning more of Lai Jewellery creations!  
P.S. I wouldn't have known about your shop if not for my friend's recommendation. And thanks for making it (my purchase) happen.:)
- Joan Wee (Singapore) (28th Nov'13)
Opened a box today to the flavours of Kutch....... the circular bhungas, the intricate jali work, the chitrakaam, the mirror work...... all rolled into one wearable art! Always love your work!
- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (27th Nov'13) 
Got the necklace. It is amazingly crafted and has such a charm that is different. I love the way the intricacies in all three parts of the pendant are different and yet when they come together they enhance each other! I will say again, it is designed with a lot of love. Thanks for bringing such happiness in our lives! 
- Joy Deshmukh Ranadive, Mumbai (India) (26th Nov'13) 
Hey Puja, just received the package. Thanks much! Looks real beautiful, such intricate work. hats off!
your work will stay with me forever...:) tx much!
-Sri Priya, Chennai (India) (26th Nov'13) 
I received the packet this morning, and am completely thrilled with the earrings and pendant! The designs are gorgeous, of course, but the icing on the cake is the quality of the pieces. The finishing is practically flawless, even the back of the pieces looks really neat. I think that really indicates the effort and care you put into Lai, and makes it stand out from the stuff one can buy from any regular jeweller. You've completely outdone yourself this time! I'm so looking forward to receiving the other pendant as well!
-Namrata Roy, Bangalore (India) (25th Nov'13) 
I have received the gorgeous earring in a good condition. :) Waiting for your next collection!
I am glad, that I could discover you and your work at Chitra kalaparishat, Bangalore. Otherwise, I would have missed, your one of a kind ART! All the best.
- Lakshmi Krishnappa, Bangalore (India) (23rd Nov'13) 
I love your work. It is understated, innovative elegant, with a design sensibility that is meaningful. Also I have a soft spot for for ethnic silver work without stones :-)
-Vyshnavi Doss (Singapore) (19th Nov'13)
Puja this collection is really a 'wow'! I have been wading through the album 'n' number of times since yesterday admiring each piece :)
Of course, I can't own all of them; am being nice to others :) The 'PB-7396-ER' is a stellar craft work! Kudos to this team who gave us this collection!
-Sri Priya, Chennai (India) (18th Nov'13)

Received the cufflinks via FedEx today. They are lovely and in mint condition!!!!  

Thank you Puja for entertaining the exchange - I truly appreciate it!!!!!

-Shivanee Selvaratnam (Malaysia) (17th Nov'13) 

Just received the package a short while back. All the pieces are lovely - I'm wearing the coin ring on my hand as I type! I must tell you that I love to attention to detail in your designs, and their versatility. The earrings I've got from you previously are among my most regularly worn ones.
-Namrata R, Mumbai (India) (15th Nov'13) 
Thank you very much for the ring, Puja. I wore it yesterday and felt a million dollars. The craftmanship is very good. Please thank your craftsmen for me. I wish Lai a bright future.
-Rama Narayanan, Bangalore (India) (14th Nov'13) 
FedEx delivered it around noon today. Thanks, Puja, and both my husband and I love it. And I've just discovered a matching set of earrings that I'll order soon.
-Lopa Dhar, Delhi (India) (6th Nov'13) 
Thank you, thank you!  I love the package that arrived yesterday!  The ring & earrings are absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to wear them during this holiday season!
- Meera Nandakumar, Sunnyvale (USA) (31st Oct'13)
Earrings received. My mother loved them! Thank You Puja!
-Shalaka Mulherkar (USA) (17th Oct'13) 
Received your earrings yesterday and  also wore them by evening. They are even prettier than I thought it to be. The craftsmanship is of very high standard. This is the second piece of jewellery that I have from your different collections. Wish to have many more of them.
-Mrinmoyee Ray, Delhi (India) (13th Oct'13) 
Got the studs..........they are lovely. The workmanship, detailing and design are intricate and pretty. They have become a regular wear for me. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
- Rashi Sanson, Pune (India) (9th Oct'13)
I got the earrings yesterday. I liked all 5 very much.  I wore one from the Rangoli collection to work today. It feels good to have such nice pieces of jewellery and wear them. I am glad you have revived these old pieces. I like your designs as they seem complete in its own. I feel one has to experiment but without loosing the essence. Now a days some contemporary designs look very incomplete and unpleasant.  Specially some geometrical shaped jewellery. Your designs have a good sense of balancing in terms of shapes, colours and sizes. My personal choice is circular shapes, which has no beginning or end. Any size which maintains the delicate looks. With colours one can have a very free hand.
In future if you are planning to update the old collections again after getting back to US then do keep me posted.
- Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (4th Oct'13) 
I just received the earrings they're absolutely gorgeous !!! I really really love the design of this pair - it's so totally unique. wish I could have ordered one for me too but anyways I'll make sure I borrow it after I gift it :)  
Exquisite is the word I'd use to describe them !
Thank you! And thankfully they made it in time for me to leave.
-Ankita Maini, Mumbai (India) (26th Sept'13) 
Thanks Puja. Got your package. What a dainty piece of earring. Looks much better than in the pic. Looks nice on me too!!!
- Aparna S Ashwin, Chennai (India) (24th Sept'13)
This was my first purchase in Lai and I am really amazed with the work/design and the earring is very beautiful.
More than me my daughter liked it so much (9 year old) and i am sure this is one earring which i can pass it on to her when she grows up.
Waiting for your next collection. Thanks....
- Girija Kalaivanan, Bangalore (23rd Sept13)
Sorry for writing so late to you after receving my packet but was really happy to receive the jewellery.They are fabulous. I have tried all of them and worn to office and have been really appreciated for them.The work is really very neat and professional. Was a little disappointed with the size of one of the black collection earrings but they look really pretty when I wore them and the size was overcome by that feeling. Thanks a lot!
Pooja Bagga, Delhi (India) (19th Sept'13) 
The earrings r soooooo amazing!!! I have already sent u a couple of pics in your fb inbox.
Couldn't give you a feedback earlier as am currently dealing with my ailing mother in law being sick in the hospital.
Love your creations. They are one of a kind and exquisite! 
-Candice Correa, Mumbai (India) (16th Sept'13) 
I received the parcel yesterday. I have liked all three earrings very much. They are classy and I can wear them to work too. I was very happy with the black and white concept because that's the dress code in my profession. I am sure your collection will do well. Do keep me informed about your work and new designs.
-Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (13th Sept'13)
I received the ear tops yesterday. they are soooo nice, neat finishing and classy. thank you very much. one for me and one for my daughter. this Durga puja i will be showing off my new collection..hope to see some more of your creation very soon. All good wishes.
-Sharmila Majumdar, Kolkata (India) (13th Sept'13) 
Thanks ...the gift has been delivered at my residence.
My wife was thrilled to receive this surprise gift .
As per her ....the EARRINGS are very pretty and now eagerly waiting for your next collection.
-Jaideep Josan, Ghaziabad (India) (12th Sept'13)
Received the package..awesome truly! The craftsmanship is so fine, attention to detail and finish..I am finicky about these things..I can tell you I am going to feel so elevated wearing this necklace! Thanks a ton and congratulations for not compromising on those seemingly small things that actually take something from being just good to being really great! 
-Joy Deshmukh Ranadive, Mumbai (India) (12th Sept'13) 
Received the packet yesterday. I absolutely love it. Already contemplating my next buy!
Mahtab Shah, Mumbai (India) (12th Sept'13) 
My earrings arrived yesterday. They are more dainty and beautiful than they appear in the picture. The way they dangled in my ears, put a bounce to my step...I frolicked like a young girl for a while in front of the mirror:-) Thank you for your lovely designs!
- Ranjani Gopinath, Secunderabad (India) (11th Sept'13) 
Received the packet yesterday & the peice is beautiful!!! thanks! keep making these lovely designs & bringing them to us!! :)
-Ava Bhathena, Bangalore (India) (11th Sept'13) 
hey puja, got the earrings. they're lovely! keep up the awesome work! 
-Amrita Datta, Delhi (India) (10th Sept'13) 
Received the jewellery. Its lovely :) Thanks so much.
- Saroja Kanan, Chennai (India) (10th Sept'13
Received the lovelies today. Can't wait to flaunt them :-) Thanks!
-Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (10th Sept'13) 
Your jewellry is much envied and loved..everyone wants it but I don’t give... :) warm wishes n hugs
-Harmeet Contractor, Dhaod (India) (9th Sept'13)
I love it thank you so much! Let me know when you are back in Bangalore I need more!!
-Claudia Philips, Bangalore (India) (26th Aug'13) 
I just opened the package and I fell in love with all the pieces, especially the pendents. I know I am going to love wearing them. Thank you very much. 
- Nithya Narayanan (Dubai) (3rd Aug'13)
The package arrived promptly, in time for my birthday. The pieces are magnificent! I look forward to your next collection eagerly. Thank you.
-Ranjani Gopinath, Secunderabad (India) (2nd August'13)
Received the earrings today. Cute they are!! though expected a bit larger size, but i guess proportions  were given already in the list you provided.
- Sushmita Sarkar, Delhi (India) (31st July'13) 

I had received the package almost immediately after your last mail. I only got to try the pieces out yesterday because I was out of mumbai for work. They are absolutely gorgeous! The package that arrived is a gift from my dad for my birthday and I will have to patiently wait till september to officially wear it. I love them. 
The necklace is so beautiful and sits just right around my neck. And the pendant is lovely too. 

Thank you for your art.
-Yashodhara Datar, Mumbai (India) (27th July'13) 

I have received the earrings and they are very pretty. Thanks 
Will be in touch for more Lai collection :)
-Jesal Mehta Doshi, Mumbai (India) (19th July'13)
The consignment, I was waiting for eagerly arrived yesterday. All are just the beauty as I expected. JUST BEAUTIFUL  !
I have already tried them out. And now waiting to wear them out and shall send you photographs . Very good design and quality.
-Pallabi Kundu, Vadodara (India) (17th July'13)
I received my earrings yesterday and they are LOVELY! Thank you so much! Will send you a picture soon :)
-Anisha Padhee, Mumbai (India) (17th July'13)
I received the packet yesterday. Everything is prefect and just beautiful. I am happy that we have this jewellery. Thanks. I hope you start it again soon full fledged. Also surely let me know if some pieces that I have liked, which are not available right now, are available in future. Enjoy your stay.
- Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (17th July'13)
Received the courier - and loved the earrings and pendant :) they're perfect to take along! 
Thanks a ton for sending them before I leave ! 
- Ankita Maini, Mumbai (India) (17th July'13)
Came back from work and the rings were waiting for me. They are beautiful!  
-Joy Deshmukh- Ranadive, Mumbai (India) (16th July'13)
I received the packet yesterday and the earrings are JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!! They made me smile through a horrible day and i can't wait to wear them! :) Thank you so much for designing them!
You have to find a way to do this regularly in India! Please! Thanks so much again!
-Suparna Rajguru, Delhi (India) (16th July'13)
The courier came last evening and I absolutely love your stuff! It's truly stunning! Thanks a ton :)
- Rukmini Chaturvedi, Gurgaon (India) (16th July'13)
Just received the package. Absolutely love it!!! (As expected)
-Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (16th July'13) 
Yayyyy !! I'm thrilled, I just received my package. It was in the mailbox and not at the apartment office where usually all the packages come. The pieces are so so beautiful. Can't thank you enough for such lovely pieces . Will reach out to you soon for more !!!!
- Sunayana Kar, Bellevue (USA) (19th June'13) 
I received the jewellery yesterday.  This is the second purchase I have made from you.  The first coin ring is a piece I love wearing (my brother ordered this one from you in Mumbai after seeing your exhibition). These new pieces are so unique!  I really really love them. The coloring really is a crowning touch to the silver!  I know I will enjoy wearing the necklace and ring everywhere...
- Lajju Patel, Texas (USA) (11th June'13) 
I got the ear-rings today and I love them! Can't wait to wear them :) Will share a pic with you, when I do.
Thanks so much for ensuring I got them soon and wish you happy travels and good luck with settling down at your next port of call.
-Suranjana Ghosh, Mumbai (India) (13th Feb'13) 
I received my stuff- thanks. its very nice. However I wanted a black dori not a red, as I mentioned in my mail. 
I will enjoy wearing all of this! :)
-Ritu Khama, Delhi (India) (22nd Jan'13) 
Received. They are beautiful! Thanks, Puja!
-Aarti Rayapura, Bangalore (India) (23rd Jan'13)


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