What our customers are saying! (3)


I am totally in love with your collections, simple yet sophisticated.
- Rashmi Gururaj (India) (7th Dec’14)
I loved your Nathdwara collection. Very colourful, very beautiful! You really are such a breath of fresh air amidst all the silver+semi precious stone jewellery madness! You are always experimental, original and Lai is always deep rooted to our culture!
- Devjani Roy Chowdhury, Kolkata (India) (5th Dec’14)
Loved your new collection. All the pieces are very gorgeous! I am feeling very proud of myself that I discovered Lai at it's initial stages. It has been quite a journey! Occasionally, I look back at all your designs, each piece is so intricately designed, very unique, very Lai. I hope you materialize all those brilliant ideas in your creative brain and make us happy for a long long time :)
-Shalaka Mulherkar (USA) (5th Dec’14)

You are continuing to amaze me with each new collection. I have always love meenakari for the workmanship. Now your designs have certainly brought out the beauty in them.
- Lavanya Ramaswamy, Dubai (UAE) (5th Dec’14)

I recevied the courier!! Thanks a ton!! I'm bowled over :)
What craftsmenship!! What masterpieces!! I'm so glad I ordered these pieces of jewellery....They are stunning..

You know I have been buying jewellery for a very long time now and for many years i have bought jewellery online...i have a huge collection of silver jewellery.....but i don't have anything like these earrings....or this ring...and you know i have bought jewellery more expensive than this...but these are my favourite thus far...actually when i wrote to you...i wasn't sure whether you'd still have them cos you were taking the last orders in October for this collection...there is a wedding coming up in December and i was desperate...so i checked with a few more online stores for other pieces of jewellery...and had almost placed my order....when i received your response, i cancelled a few of my orders from other designers and booked with you...and i'm so so glad i did.

-Neeru Mehta, New Delhi (India) (4th Dec’14)
I received them today and they are very beautiful, much more than the pictures. I have ordered them for a specific event, will send you the pictures when I wear them and also share the lines I wrote inspired by them as I was trying to save the money for this impromptu purchase I did :)
Thanks so much for this wonderful memoir, something I will treasure and cherish everytime  I wear it for it is a reminder of a simple thing for me - I am beautiful and I deserve all the beautiful things in the world.
-Namrata M, Baroda (India) (20th Nov’14)
The picture and the poem:
This is called "a 55 words poem"
She is the sun, she is the moon.
She is the stars that shine before their arrival too!
She smiles, she dances, she hugs and she cries,
She falls, breaks apart and comes together again!
For she is the grey lining amidst every dark sky,
A phoenix that has spread her wings ready to fly!
- Namrata M, Baroda (India) (1st Dec’14)

The detachable jhumka reached just in time for my 7th marriage anniversary (today!!) and I paired it again with anokhi outfit. The earrings as I said earlier are much more prettier than the images I saw and I loved dressing up on my special day in two of my fav brands - Anokhi & Lai - silver jewellery by Puja Bhargava Kamath

-Sushmita Sarkar, New Delhi (30th Nov'14)

Received the bracelet on Saturday evening but could not message you as I had to go out and came back late last night. This bracelet was for my daughter and both of us loved it.Ethereal is the word which came to my mind.
-Bidisha Chatterjee, Vapi (India) (30th Nov’14)
Thanks Puja LOVED your designs. It was worth the wait....Best wishes to you.
-Shamim khandwani, Mumbai (India) (26th Nov'14)
Thanks puja! I received the bangles. They were lovely as expected.
-Richa Mohanty, Mumbai (India) (25th Nov'14)
I received the earrings yesterday & they are lovely!! Thank you once again! I hope to pick up more stuff from you in the future! All the best with everything! :)
- Monisha sahani, Chennai (India) (21st Nov’14)
Just saw the earrings. Love it! Delicate, beautiful, elegant. I will truly enjoy wearing them. Thanks so much.
-Radhika Ray, Gurgaon (India) (17th Nov'14)
What can I say about  my pearl earring…only that Iam wearing it  with everything and almost everyday….Its definitely my favourite piece :)
Also i just heart my earring from pearl collection and ring from Samarkand collection.Will post you pictures soon. Thank you so so much.
- Sudipta Nandi, Mumbai (India) (12th Nov'14)

Thank you so much for designing these lovely pieces the way you have. They are absolutely beautiful and I'm completely in love with them - you've made a fan for life :-)

Sorry I could not send this to you earlier but the bangles fit beautifully and am looking forward to wearing them and showing them off in the next do :)
Thank yo so much....lots of love.
-Pratibha S (Dubai) (5th Nov'14)
I loved the jewellery! Other than the way it looks, what I loved about the pieces the most, was the attention to detail and its finish. I love the little Lai engraving on the back of each piece. Very classy, very well done :). Whatever I have worn so far has caught the attention of so many people. I have directed so any people to your site in the last couple of days that Im sure you will be receiving more orders soon. :)
- Ritu Lahiri, Bangalore (India) (30th Oct'14)
I have to tell you, I just loved the pearl earrings - they look amazing and 'are so me', I think this pair is going to be my favourite pair for awhile now. In fact when I saw them the first time in your look book it was love at first sight (and for someone as indecisive as me that's a huge achievement) and I knew I had to have them. I'm absolutely thrilled with my choice. The whole collection is extremely beautiful, normally I am not very fond of pearls but I loved your all designs. I was wondering which was the most popular design ordered."
-Renuca Williams, Mumbai (India) (30th Oct'14)
Couldn't wait for the right occasion or time, just wore this beauty today for a movie date with husband. Loved it to the core and no it didn't pose any problem. Though it's little heavy, but who cares as long as it's so very pretty?!
Love you for creating such beauties!
-Devjani Roy Chowdhury, Kolkata (India) (9th Nov'14)
Received the packet. The earrings are really awesome. Waiting to wear them.
-Pooja Jagadeesh, Bangalore (India) (5th Nov’14)
I'm totally in love with them! They are so gorgeous!!
Thank you so much for such wonderful creations! 
I'm looking forward to get many more beautiful jewellery from your collections!  
Loads of love.
-Radhika Prabhu, Thane (India) (5th Nov’14)
Yes, you were right, it got delivered after I left home on Friday afternoon. I have been looking at it at every opportunity since then :-) It's so very beautiful and wow for the craftsmanship. So delicate, dainty yet so regal, that's the magic of pearl and Lai.
- Devjani Roy Chowdhury, Kolkata (India) (2nd Nov'14)
I finally got the parcel! All the pieces are just amazing and I'm really looking forward to wearing them. Will send pics, hopefully soon.
I must also tell you, beyond your lovely designs, it's your warmth and personal touch that brings me back to Lai again and again. Your helpful and quick responses to emails and FB messages make buying from Lai a very pleasant experience. I'm sure many others will agree with me.
-Namrata R, Bangalore (India) (30th Oct’14)
Hi Puja. Just received the pieces. They are absolutely beautiful - both in design and craftsmanship. The gold dipped piece is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had done the same for the other piece as well. My friend is also very happy with her ring and absolutely loves it. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work.
- Nithya Narayanan (Dubai) (29th Oct’14)
Thanks Puja, loved the earrings!
-Vidhya Anand, Coimbatore (India) (28th Oct’14)
Yes, I admit pics quality is a bit terrible sorry :( but just had the mobile phone during the celebs....promise to send a better pic soon!!! Coz I dont need a occasion to flaunt your jewelry hahhaha !!!
Hope you had an awesome Diwali, Puja!!!
-Priya Durairajan (UK) (26th Oct'14)
I wore the third pair today and I must tell you, it is my son's favourite....he keeps touching them and he also noticed the jacket is from the back. Smarty pants!
They are such terrific combination of classic and modern. My husband said "are you a rock star or what?" :)..that's a compliment for sure....as he doesn't compliment much, so I do feel special when he does! 
Picture is attached with your youngest fan!
-Nimisha Sarathy (USA) (26th Oct'14)
I have received the earrings. All three are beautiful. Specially the paisley one.
I am happy you chose pearls this time. I always feel that silver and pearls have cooling effect. Its like being in the moonlight. Where as gold and diamonds have glittering, warm effect like being in the sunlight. And I feel as a person I am comfortable wearing only silver and pearls. Diamonds sometimes. But gold seldom. What a person wears and can carry can give an insight into personality traits and mind set.
I am sure you must have had a good Diwali. Do keep me posted about your new work.
- Kavita Shah (26 oct’14) [Mumbai]
What a treat!!! What a fine art!! What magical pieces!! What a georgeous diwali gift! 
Each of them made me look like a star. They are so well made that everyone noticed the craftmenship of these earrings. 
I got my hands on them in morning (I had long night as I have 15 month old baby) I was so tried and gloomy- but as soon as I put them on they lit my face, I knew right away that they will make me look georgeous and unique in crowd. 
I wore one of them at my diwali party.  The best compliments I ever got. One of my very honest friend said "I look like an Indian celebrity"! 
You have no idea how this feels to a new mom. I struggle every day to look good in my own skin. Struggle to find something which will lit my tried mornings and day. I don't remember anymore how full night sleep feels. These pieces have bought me joy of looking beautiful and georgeous. Attached are few pictures.
A big thank you from a mother! Hugs and happy diwali!
 -Nimisha Sarathy (USA) (25th Oct'14)
An update a few days late. They are lovely, wore the earrings and ring on Diwali and the compliments were flowing. Thanks so much!
- Sarah Gideon, Bangalore (India) (25th Oct’14)
Got to wear the lovely earrings as we celebrated Diwali! As hard as it was to choose one piece from the collection I couldn't be happier with my choice. A big thank you to all the karigarhs and designers. I am looking forward to seeing more stunning collections :).
-Archana Rana, Chicago (USA) (23rd Oct’14)
At last, I have managed to snap some photos of myself posing with the Juhmkas from your previous collection. The one with the three photos were taken in Bali . My  friend thought that I made them myself as I attended a short silver smithing class there. Lol! I told him that the pair of earrings were made by an artisan and I could not have possibly mastered the art of crafting such pretty earrings within a short period of time..haa.. The other photo with the full set of juhmkas were taken yesterday and I received many compliments from my colleagues! They were amazed at your creativity to make them detachable.   
- Joan Wee (Singapore) (22nd Oct’14)
May the glow of joy,
Prosperity and happiness
Illuminate you life and and your home.
Wishing you and you family a Happy Diwali !
In Singapore, we call the festival 'Deepavali'.  I guess it's the same meaning?
I just wanna let you know that I have received the ring and bracelet on this Deepavali afternoon! It was a pleasant surprise because I was expecting to receive them tomorrow morning after I told Fedex to reschedule the delivery time as I was gonna be on leave.
I guess the FedEx people must be working hard to get your jewellery pieces to be delivered on time to your customers.;p
I have already tried them on and they are truly beautiful! Can't wait to wear them in public and show them off to my friends this weekend! :)
Thanks so much for the lovely jewellery that will remain with us for a long time.
Happy holidays! Cheers!
- Joan Wee (Singapore) (22nd Oct’14)
Got them this evening! They are beautiful! And they reached just in time! Thank you so much!!! 
- Arati Punwani, Bangalore (India) (21st Oct’14)
Tadaaaaaaa I got it, I got!!! I feel I'm jumping on a bouncy castle! hehe! Thanks, Puja! Got the beautiful pieces all intact and way more gorgeous than the pictures (no pun intended to the pictures ;) The craftsmanship is awesome it has to be treasured- no 2 ways about it. The bangle fit me perfect!!! Cant wait to wear it this diwali!!! Special thanks for sending it on time for diwali!!! Uff now im going to get back and relish the jewelry until thursday when I can wear it! :) :)
Hope you have an awesome diwali Puja and pics will soon follow!!! Ok, I couldn't resist and just took a pic of the jewelry to assure you all came fine :) :)
-Priya Durairajan (UK) (20th Oct’14)
My goodies arrived as promised on Saturday evening and boy! I was tracking the shipment all day :) They are now one of my favourite pieces in my collection. My husband looks at the pearl studs and says " These are beautiful, but you don't like pearls!" That's a compliment to you gurl. I must admit, I don't like pearls and so I'd never bought any for myself, but these were luv at first sight. They look as pretty as they did in your lookbook. Being a crafter myself, I see all the love and the hard work in each piece. I'm already saving to buy some more. I cannot wait to wear them for Diwali and garner all the lovely compliments. Have a great Diwali and keep spreading happiness through your lovely works of art. You are truly gifted! :)) Love,
-Runa Damji, Mumbai (India) (20th Oct’14)
Recieved the earrings this evening. They are awesome! Thank you very much.
-Meenu khanolkar, Bangalore (India) (20th Oct’14)
Received the parcel, beautiful and delicate.... thanks.
-Sharmishtha Bade, Mumbai (India) (20th Oct’14)
I wanted to tell you that your mukta carita earring looks even more gorgeous after wearing it. It made me feel all royal in an instant. Now I am really tempted to keep it for myself and not gift it! I hope you keep making such timeless and beautiful pieces. The only problem then will be that I will get tempted to keep buying!!
And also, thank you for having me over at your place yesterday and for carving out time from your weekend. It was a pleasure meeting you in person! :)
-Savita Ganesan, California (USA) (19th Oct’14)
Always appreciate your attention to detail in all your lovely creations. It is so evident in this design, not just the careful setting of the pearls, but also the finishing on the underside. Kudos to you and your karigars for this handcrafted masterpiece!
Thank you delivering just in time for Diwali.
- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (19 Oct’14)
Wow !!! Beautiful......very delicate .....but lovely.....Would like to thank you ....I have received my pieces. I am falling short of words .......absolutely amazing!!!
-Garima Vashisht, Gurgaon (India) (18 Oct’14)
Just got it!! The earrings are lovely! Just the right mix of edgy & classic. Can't wait to wear them for Diwali! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! So tempted to get the ring also ;) Thanks Puja!
-Niharika Pande, Gurgaon (India) (18th Oct'14)
Received my new Lai jewellery yesterday! !! I have to say I'm blown away again!!!! Simply lovely! ! Thanks!
- Sejal Desai, Ahmedabad (India) (15th Oct’14)
Got the parcel & was very happy with all the jewellery (as expected)!!!!! :)
-Ava Bhathena, Bangalore (India) (9th Oct’14)
I got my ring. Very pretty. Thank you :)
- Divya Thomas, Cary (USA) (3rd Oct’14)
I received it :D and it is beautiful :) I will wear it on some occasion and send you a pic. 
Thank you so much!
- Anasuya Ray, Boulder (USA) (2nd Oct’14)
My parents came over yesterday....I got the rings from them. The ring from the coin collection is fabulous. It is so much more beautiful in person. Thanks very much!
-Shilpa S, Fremont (USA) (1st Oct’14)
Both of us sisters have had quite some tough decisions to make this last week...it has been so tough not to get carried away and just order almost everything I set my eyes on!! That is why it has taken me such a while to place this order....
Also, one of the first things my sis said when she saw your latest collection was ' You have "Lai'ghtened up my day'... :)
-Sharmishta Ravindran, Sydney (Australia) (29th Sept'14)
I received the package today. The earrings are BEAUTIFUL - I still haven't had a chance to sit down with them for a closer look but I was very impressed with the intricate work on the silver & pearl earring! 
I will send you more details (comments) with pictures soon. Much thanks!!
- Pratibha Ranganna, Shrewsbury (USA) (29th Sept’14)
Let me start off by saying, this collection is absolutely amazing. Every piece is very tastefully created and shows the passion you have for what you do. I cant make up my mind on which ones to pick and which ones to let go. This was the same dilemma I was in when I saw the detachable jhumka collection and now this.
I wonder if I should start setting some cash aside every month in my budget to be able to get the whole collection next time ;)
-Lavanya (Dubai) (27th Sept’14)
I am having a hard time finalising my order as I have the desire to own all of them!!!! Hence, have become a 'Lai'la of your creations and hope to remain one for the rest of my life. :)
- Indrani Namilikonda, Mumbai (India) (27th Sept’14)
I'm in love with your latest offering from Lai. I had to share it with my readers. You look lovely in the look book. Haven't spilled too much on my blog, it's a sneak peak from the look book.  Have provided your FB page as the contact link.
- Sruthi Singh (USA) (blogger eastcoastdesi.blogspot) (26th Sept'14)
As always you have created masterpieces..All are stunners and worth possessing and I have been going throughout he collection again and again and again and wondering which ones to choose……..I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ALL OF THEM THOUGH.
Brillant, Classic and beautiful……..love it.
-Harmeet Saini, Dhaod (India) (26th Sept'14)
A mind boggling collection! It is so so so very elegant and delicate!
-Devjani Roy Chowdhury, Kolkata (India) (25th Sept'14)
I totally love them - Beautiful delicate collection - eye candy - love it that each collection of yours is so unique.
-Shakha Mehta (Hong Kong) (24th Sept'14)
Your work is so breathtakingly beautiful!!! 
And kudos to your photographer who's captured you so ably in your creations.
-Suparna Rajguru (24 sept’14)
'Mukta Carita' collection is delicious ( I can't stop drooling !!!) and perfect combination of traditional with a contemporary twist. I am having problem finalising my order due to this (and also coz I have a budget, so unfair!!!)
-Indrani Namilikonda, Bangalore (India) (23rd Sept'14)
What a collection! I just love your designs-  to me, they perfectly walk the fine line between classic and contemporary. The only problem is to select the one to buy!
-Namrata R, Bangalore (India) (23rd Sept'14)
I love the combination of old world charm of pearls with new edgy design..... 
-Shalini Pillai, Mumbai (India) (23rd Sept'14)
I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have received the email! Can I say that the collection is absolutely stunning!
Kudos to your creativity and hope you keep it coming. May I say the lookbook is even more captivating. The collection and the model complement each other so perfectly!!  
-Kavya M, Hyderabad (India) (22nd Sept'14)
You’ve outdone yourself this time and that's really difficult. I seriously don't know which ones to pick - I want all of them. They're so sooooo pretty, honestly I would love to order the whole collection - it's absolutely gorgeous.
-Ankita Joshi, Mumbai (India) (22nd Sept'14)
Pujaaa what a way to start the morning whohoooo i guess more than an iphone6 i was anticipating this collection the most and all your followers would agree! !
Mind blowing collection i must say every piece is a art so delicate so beautiful and intricate i dont have a pearl collection at all but what better way to start with yours!!!! These are truly timeless and beauty personified :) i just cant wait to see them in person really! !!  Thanks for making such beautuful jewelry and introducing us to those.. how or else would i ever get a chance to own such masterpieces! !!
-Priya Durairajan (UK) (22nd Sept’14)
Got them today n just saw them after getting back...
LOVE them esp the turquoise collection...thank you!
-Mridula Priyadarshini, Bangalore (India) (10th Sept’14)
Hi ! It's me again, I am aware that I didn't send u pics wearing the earrings as I never wore them. I gifted one to my sister who got engaged and one to my sister in law, it all happened so fast and those were the best gifts I had at the moment. And I am really happy about it cuz the look on their faces was priceless. Thank you! 
-Amruta Bakre, Mumbai (India) (9th Sept’14)
I received the earrings yesterday. I do buy a lot of silver earrings but I must say this is one of the most beautifully crafted and well made piece that I ever bought, I absoluteIy love the finish  and looking forward to your other collections. 
-Matouleibi S, New Delhi (India) (4th Sept’14)
Your pendant was a rockstar ! I wore it and I was flooded with compliments, right from husband to my colleagues and even strangers. :) Sorry couldn't click myself this time. But my picture is due! Looking forward to your next collection!
-Sonam Jain, Pune (India) (21st Aug’14)
Thank you Puja - received the package. 
Both pieces look lovely. There's a reason why I keep coming back to you - while I have a lot of jewellery in silver, the ones I've picked up from you are my most worn pieces and the ones that also get the most compliments. 
I hate telling people where i got them from ;)
here's one more compliment for your work - my 3 year old daughter has been asking me everyday if she's become any bigger. When I asked her "why do u want to become bigger". Her reply was "so i can wear your things, you told me i can wear it when i become big" -she was referring to my kutch collection pendant and ring that I got from you a while back. Every time she sees it on me she wants to know if she's become any bigger cause it's so pretty! 
-Ankita Maini, Mumbai (India) (18th Aug’14)
We got it in the morning, and we love it! Thanks, Puja.
-Lopa Dhar, Delhi (India) (14th Aug’14)
The package was delivered today morning so it was super quick! Unfortunately I am not in Delhi till the end of the month so I will see it only then but my mom loves it and it looks great in the picture she sent :) Yay! :D Thanks!
-Niharika Pande, Gurgaon (India) (13th Aug’14)
Whenever in doubt, I bring out these beauties. Classy is what describes them the best. And they go with everything..! I own two more pairs of earrings from your Silver-Glass collection, but I fell in love with the Mehendi collection - of which I ordered a neck piece as well. Looking forward to your next collection to sweep me off my feet.
-Shilpa Sharma, Jaipur (India) (12th Aug'14)
Liked the rakhi a lot :-)) Sending a few snaps, my sister is tying rakhi to Amit. 
-Sonali Thakur (Singapore) (10th aug’14)
Have received the Rakhis and they are awesome. I kinda wish if I could wear them instead of tying them to my brother. Seems like, in the end I'm gonna ask for the bookmark as a rakhi gift :P Totally love the design and the fact that it can be so beautifully used later. 
Thanks for making our Rakhi super special. 
- Pallavi Vasta, New Delhi (6th Aug’14)
Got the Rakhi on Saturday and loved it. Thanks a lot. 
-Sowmya Hotha, Cupertino (USA) (4th Aug’14)
Just saw the Rakhis, they r even more exquisite to look at in person. Thanks. I have already sent them to my dear brothers, hoping that they will share pics of them wearing it. If they do I will send it to u too ☺️
-Chitra Krishnan (Singapore) (1st Aug’14 )
Finally the package arrived today - the whole week was off coz of Eid and I should say it was well worth the wait.
The jumkhas are gorgeous - just cant wait to show off :)
 The whole concept of detachable jumkhas was new and maybe you should patent it.
And the bookmark rakhi is very very unique - now am thinking should I keep this for myself and order the silver chain from you ;) Thanks a lot and keep em coming!
-Lavanya Ramaswamy (Dubai) (1st Aug’14)
Just got home and saw the Rakhis! They are absolutely fabulous, love them! Gonna be so happy to tie one of these for my dearest Bro! and its truly going to be a memorable one! thank you Puja :)
-Sujata Iyer, Bangalore (India) (24th July’14)
Thank you !! I was so happy to see the pendant, its my little piece of art. Looking forward to more of your lovely work! Cheers!
-Sonam Jain, Pune (India) (29th july’14)
Just wanted to say all the rakhis have been received and with so much love and appreciation for the delicate work involved :) my nephew's just loved it.. and my cousin brothers are all complaining that they dint get this one hahaha 
just shows how beautiful the rakhis were..  thanks so much for making advika's and her cousin's rakshabandhan so special.. the kids were sooo excited and happy that they received something as special as this and actually my cousins were thrilled that they can use it as a bookmark later!!! which they all are looking forward !!! :) :)
of course keep doing the great work you always do!!! :) :)
- Priya Durairajan (UK) (24th July’14)
Received my courier...thanks a ton...just too excited to tie to my brothers now...
-Sharneet Mehta, New Delhi (India) (24th july’14)
Received the India rakhi today it's gorgeous along with the small infographic which helps to understand the life beyond wrist of this gorgeous piece! On second thoughts wondering do I keep it for myself! kidding! :)
Sure would let you know my brothers thoughts as well pics which is mandatory for the long distance brother
-Nayantara Pai, Mumbai (India) (23rd July’14)
Just received the packet. Awwww!!!! It's so beautiful!!! I like it immensely and can't wait to show it to my brother....but wait....there is still time to Rakshabandhan! I don't know how am I going to hold this excitement and wait till 10th August to tie it on my brother's wrist! I know he will be equally thrilled, as every year both of us used to cry over the beautiful rakhis, those were destined to die soon just after a day. He is an avid reader and that's another reason why he would love this Rakhi even more. Now I know and understand why people go ga ga over a Lai jewellery :-)
Thanks for this wonderful idea! I don't know why so far no one thought of this or some other way to use the rakhi. 
-Devjani R C, Kolkata (India) (23rd July’14)
Received the coin ring. It is more beautiful than its photo images I have seen so far. Thank you so much!!!!
-Amruta Borwankar, Pune (India) (14th July’14)
You might have misspelled the title of this collection as I am sure it is meant to be 'Delectable Jhumka Collection'! Have been playing around with different combinations and absolutely love every which way I can wear these! Kudos on a job well done yet again.
-Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (8th July’14)
Got the jhumkas! Sorry in this delay to send you my feedback..
You have an innate knack of turning something beautiful into something timeless! 
Your concepts are beautiful. The detachable jhumka is in fact an innovation and a disrupter in the market that takes your line into a quantum jump! 
But it is your eye for detail and your love for your work that makes each piece perfect in its detail. So while the whole is beautiful, the details are perfect. And together it makes the piece timeless.
I love what I have bought from you and will find several ways to wear them. Will send you pictures for sure! 
Congratulations and God bless!
-Joy Deshmukh Ranadive, Mumbai (India) (2nd July’14)
Received my gorgeous gorgeous items today, they look just as amazing as they do in the photos :). Looking forward to wearing them and sending you a pic soon!
-Aparna George, Bangalore (India) (30th June’14)
Received the parcel....the poetry continues....thank you for being a part of our family's joyful moments....cant help it now!
-Rama Narayanan, Bangalore (India) (30th June’14)
I have just received the Jhumkas today! I was like an eager kid unwrapping my parcel.
This Detachable Jhumka collection is my most favourite amongst the past jewellery collections which I have purchased from you! The garnet gemstones earrings are very pretty and dainty. They 'blend' in so well with the shiny Jhumka bottoms I chose. The whole set just spells 'stunning, exquisite and charming'.
I have always wanted to own a pair of Jhumka earrings but always couldn't find any suitable ones. You have just made my wish come true! :) The idea of making the Jhumkas with detachable tops and bottoms is ingenious! I will treasure them always!
By the way, kinda embarrassing, although I have longed been fascinated with Jhumkas but never knew they were known by this name till today.  
Oh, do thank your mother for mailing the parcel so speedily. Interesting to track the journey of the earrings traveling through different parts of Asia before reaching Singapore..haa..
Have a blessed and restful weekend! Time flies! I still have to work tomorrow (Saturday), but your earrings made me smile!
-Joan Wee (Singapore) (27th June’14)
I just received the package. What to say! I am at a loss of words. I have to admit that the jewellery pieces are actually more pretty than they appear on your website link. The combination of the top and jhumka I have seems to be the best one. They complement each other so perfectly. And the turquoise studs are 10 times more beautiful in person than I thought it would be, and I am wearing them now at my office . I am definitely looking forward for more purchase from your collections.
In love with Lai !
-Asha Gupta, Austin (USA) (27th June’14)
Happy to inform I have received the package.. Very excited. Love the finishing... My next goal is to complete the coin collection set by purchasing the necklace and the jhumka bottoms!! I hope I can get them soon!!!
More than anything, I loved the conversations we had. Thank you for being soo patient and sending me immediate responses to my never ending questions! 
-Kavya Musunuri, Hyderabad (India) (26th June'14)
I received my earrings last afternoon. They are beautiful, thank you.
-Renuca Veloso, Mumbai (India) (25th June’14)
Puja, I received my parcel today!! And my jhumkas are all that I thought they'd be!  Can't wait to wear them. Knowing me that'll be tomorrow. Haha!
-Pooja Jagadeesh, Bangalore (India) (25th June’14)
My husband and I love the ear rings, Puja. These were delivered an hour back. Thank you.
-Lopa Dhar, Delhi (India) (24th June’14)
Have received the packet. The jewellery is phenomenal...and have already worn one, coz i couldnt wait!
Here you go, with the pic. I loved loved loved it totally!!!!
I hope you send me mailers of all your upcoming collections..i am an ardent admirer of silver jewellery. Many many thanks.
-Tanu Pathak, Delhi (India) (24th June’14)
I have resisted writing to you immediately after seeing the collection.Because, I see with this series of designs, your work has deepened. I respect the artist designer in you and the involvement you have with your creations. I am really glad you work with such class craftsmen the kinds of which are becoming a rarity in the urban world.
Your translations of inspirations, playfulness with color and execution and presentation is wonderful. All in all,my admiration and appreciation has moved from motivating to respectful. It would be unfair now for me to just drool.Although, your stuff is very droolable!
Now, My daughter got to see your photo album and she is a young girl training to be a graphic artist, extremely critical and cynical about art in India, both new and old. Well, I must say, she tripped on your jumkha collection. She has never asked me to get her any serious jewelry nothing more than peace sign on her earrings off the Bangalore platforms. Because she feels the sign is important!
She spoke poetry about your work. Oh my! She, opened my eyes to perception. She calls your work stained glass jewelry.
-Rama Narayanan, Bangalore (India) (21st June’14)
God you seem to be getting better and better – amazing amazing collection & idea.
- Shalini Pillai, Mumbai (India) (18th June’14)
I received it today and the cuff links are great!!! Thanks!
-Soma Sinha, New Jersey (USA) (15th May’14)
Finally, I got to see the coin ring. Its gorgeous!!! I feel blessed to own a piece of heritage now :) I liked the detailing and the craftsmanship. Am attaching a pic taken by friend. Thank you! 
- Saroja Sanjivi (Dubai) (14 April’14)
Puja, just got my earrings and ring. Love them! Thank you so much. 
-Elaine Roy, Sydney (Australia) (22nd March’14)
Recvd the Paisley piece today. The earrings are divine! Mum described them as elegant and simple which is really her style! Thought I should shoot you a quick email. Pictures to follow soon of the Paisley and Rangoli pieces. We've been travelling like mad and just got back home. Thank you and the artisans so so much for the wonderful conceptualization and workmanship! Cannot wait for the remaining 4 pieces...
Titiksha pandit, Mumbai (India) (10th March’14)
Your stuff this time is beyond spectacular ! First of all the designs of every piece I selected is so original. I just really love them. I have always been a silver girl but I have not seen the wide variety of wearable silver like you make with anyone else and you just keep getting better and better. There is something for every taste.  Also the look, feel and finish especially of your latest turquoise collection is world class (I have been to these boutique stores in Amsterdam where they love the design of Indian stuff but dont stock it because the finish is so poor - wish I could show them these.) They are actually better to look at in reality than on your website which is saying something since they look so exquisite anyway. Lastly I have to thank you for getting me to wear rings (at least buy them for now) - I hate anything on my fingers and dont even wear my wedding ring but I bought 4 rings from you because they were so irresistible and guess what , they look fabulous on my short stocky fingers and I love the feel of them - makes them look elegent (think I will get a french manicure to match the look:)
Keep rolling them out like that, lady and I will keep coming back for more!
-Shakha Mehta (HongKong) (8th March’14)
Loved the trinkets. Will send a snap of us wearing it.. 
-Rajeevi Rao, Bangalore (India) (8th March ’14)
I received the earrings this evening and have been wearing them ever since. They are absolutely superb - the two shades of blue, just the right amount of sparkle and movement, so light and comfortable to wear. Love them!
-Namrata Roy, Bangalore (India) (7th March’14)
Sorry for writing late....but I am super thrilled to be wearing the jewellery I got from u!
My treat to myself this women's day!!!! I love the coin jewellery and I hope to add more to my collection :-):-)
Thank u so much! my day is truly made:-)
sending u a couple of snaps…..let me know what u think! :-)
- Leena Mukadam, Navi Mumbai (India) (7th March'14)
I wore your creations to lot of places...people were just going gaga over my jewellery:) I am so happy to flaunt such beautiful pieces...they look so lovely and elegant and totally class apart:))
Have forwarded the email with links to all your creations so far, to my folks...it will be raining orders for you soon!
Keep up the brilliant work...Thanks a million! 
-Manubha Saxena, Delhi (India) (3rd March’14)
I have received the jewellery! And must say that all of them are outstanding and extraordinarily beautiful they are- in fact much better than I imagined !
Thanks for creating such beautiful masterpieces. I will send you my pics in these pieces...
-Manubha Saxena, Delhi (India) (3rd March’14)
I received the stunning earring this morning, it's awesome and I'm strutting around like a peacock  wearing them:). 
Thank you so much :). I  will post a pic too in Fb, very soon 
Thanks& best wishes ,
-Roopa Varma, Gurgaon (India)  (3rd March’14)
Received, Puja! Apologies for all the trouble you went through. I absolutely love the earrings though - they're like a bunch of pretty grapes - so feminine and beautiful! Thanks for creating such awesome pieces.
- Anisha Padhee, Mumbai (India) (3rd March’14)
Hi...received my much awaited earrings...wore it to office. Thanks!!!
- Prarthana Chatterjee, Kolkata (India) (2nd March ’14)


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