What our customers are saying! (4)


Received the packet first thing in the morning and it just made my day. They are gorgeous. Trust me the pictures don't do any justice to its beauty. I was so tempted to wear them when I remembered I am still in my jammies. :) I really admire the detailing in them and the sheer beauty they reflect. This is one piece of jewellery that makes me say that's so me. Something of a heirloom sorts. Thanks for making it so special!
- Namrata M, Mumbai (India) (26th June'15)
Received my parcel today. I am enchanted by the pearl with hanging chains earrings and Nilaja delicate ring. The ring is for my daughter and I'm sure she will be thrilled when I give it to her . I must say that I am impressed again by the fine workmanship of your jewellery. Thank you.
- Bidisha Chatterjee, Vapi (India) (25th July'15)
Hey Puja I got my stuff and its really amazing just loved it the quality was superb.....do snd me the new designs catalog would love to shop again from you! :)
-Smriti, Chandigarh (India) (25th June'15)

LOVE the earrings! Teamed them up with a black dress yesterday and they looked so good even with that! It's amazing how they complement Indian and Western wear. :)
Thanks once again Puja. I really love your stuff because they're unique and one of a kind.
- Anisha Padhee, Bangalore (India) (25th June'15)

I received the parcel this afternoon.
I chose it because the design was unique and loved it from the very beginning but today, I fell in love again. Such a dainty and elegant piece. Neat craftsmanship and it's amazingly feather-weight, didn't feel like I was wearing it, when I tried it on. I am going to treasure this for life. Thanks to you for showering us with such beautiful jewelry. :)

- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (24th June'15)
Opened the parcel and saw the goodies and could not wait to wear them. The finish is so good. Excellent, Puja. Whens the next collection due? Thanks for the spare screw.
-Nadia Faisal, Chennai (India) (24th June'15)
Received the earrings. They are lovely. Thanks for your great communication and follow up. Looking forward to more.
- Brinda Hashim, Hyderabad (India) (22ed June'15)

The packet arrived today and I am so thrilled to see it. The ear rings and the ring- stunning and exceeded my expectation.
Thank you for creating such beautiful jewelry and making so many of us so happy.
May you keep creating such masterpieces.....:)

- Sheeja Nair, Gurgaon (India) (21st June'15)

Can't tell u how much I love the ring and how many people have asked me abt it!!!! Ever since I got this, I've been flaunting it on every possible occasion and getting tons of compliments :-)
Love your creations Puja and I am eagerly looking forward to the next collection.
Wishing u all the luck and happiness always :-)
- Leena Mukadam, Navi Mumbai (India) (17th June'15)
I have just one word for the ring. It is beautiful. Such fabulous craftsmanship.
It looks far better than the picture. I am so happy that I decided buy it.
- Puja Chakraborty, Kolkata (India) (14th June'15)
Got the rings today. Absolutely loved them. They are lovely and beautiful. The craftsmanship is also very very nice. Thank you so much. Planning to buy more soon....
- Supti Datta, Bangalore (India) (13th June'15)
Received the package. Thank you - they are lovely as usual.
- Shakha Mehta, Hong Kong (HK) (12th June'15)
Received the items and they are as beautiful in person as they are in the photos. Thanks so much for the great service and products!
- Sowparnika Balaswaminathan, Chennai (India) (11th June'15)
Received the jewellery, thanks! And I loved it!
- Krithi Aiyappa, Bangalore (India) (11th June'15)

Received the coin ring and absolutely love it!! Will send along a photo soon. Thank you!
- Sapna Singh, Texas (USA) (10th June'15)

Thank you for the excellent & warm service! Saumya Gautam introduced me to Lai and as I said I love the pieces. I am sure Neha will absolutely love the earrings :)
- Anumeet Roy, Pune (India) (10th June'15)
I just received my courier say 10 mins back and as I opened my parcel- a big Smile is what I am with. What a beautiful craft!!
I would like to record my experience with Lai, the whole interaction with you was so warm with care. Have to say...The entire process of ordering to delivery was handled extremely professionally. This was my 1st experience with Lai and I have to say Lai manifests "Trust,Love and Elegance" in their designs & transactions.
Thank you! for this wonderful experience.
- Radhika Chatterjee, Mumbai (India) (9th June'15)
I picked up the earrings last evening, your mom is a sweetheart. Spoke to her. So now I have them in my hands, oops I mean ears, and I love them!
Now I will embark on finding the right saree for this, he he...
Thanks so much for letting me order from a back collection.
- Himanshu Verma, New Delhi (India) (5th June'15)
I received the package on Thursday and I love what I bought. I immediately wore the necklace and matching earrings on Saturday (am very happy that I got the necklace), and of course the pearl earrings will go well with the bangle that I bought from the same collection. Now I'm just waiting for my other Samarkand earring so that I can wear them again with the black and white turquoise drop necklace that I have from you black and white collection! ;) Thank you!
- Geetha Ganesan, Texas (USA) (25th May'15)
I have worn the earrings pretty much every day of the last 2 weeks hehehehe They r sooo versatile .. goes with jeans ..dress and formals.. love the fact its detachable so made a chain out f it !! Wohooooo thanks again.. and yes I hear you- I'm clicking pics next time I wear it and send it over !!
- Priya Durairajan (UK) (13th May'15)
As already written to you earlier I loved almost all the pieces of your new collection. I had a tough time making a choice.
But just like every time I loved these perennial, life long pieces. I liked the feel of it, the look of it, the essence of it and the aesthetics of it. The earrings carry the culture and the age old blue print in it. What I liked the most is its fine, delicate pattern. I am sure I can wear them eternally. Even after 10 years if I will open my jewellery box, I still will feel happy to put it on one more time :-)
- Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (10th May'15)
I received the packet today. Many thanks. Both the earrings and the ring are beautiful, the detailing is marvelous! Thanks again!
- Sheeja Nair, Gurgaon (India) (9th May'15)
Received the packet this week.. Loved both the earrings :)
- Hima Rudraraju, Singapore (Singapore) (9th May'15)
I have got the ring. Both the earrings and the ring are very beautiful. The wait was worth it. :)
-Madhurima Kumar, Delhi (India) (7th May'15)
I absolutely love your coin collection - these are classic heirloom kind. Infact, I have forwarded your coin collection album to a friend who may order too. I may be visiting India sometime this year. Will definitely give you a shout then to expand my Lai collection :-)
- Shreya Gupta, Hong Kong (HK) (5th May'15)
Just wanna let you know that the ring has reached me safely today. And the delivery was so fast! Am very happy with my purchase. It is so cute especially with the little mirror which I can use it for touching up my make up or need a "peek' at my face. ;p. And I just love the ethnic design too.
Would like to thank your craftsmen for painstakingly crafting this ring and making it a reality from your creativity. It was certainly worth the wait..:)
- Joan Wee, Singapore (Singapore) (4th May'15)
Just received the earrings a short while ago. They are really lovely. As usual, the attention to detail and quality of the product are perfect. Looking forward to wearing them!
- Namrata Roy, Bangalore (India) (4th May'15)
I have been meaning to write to you since I came back from India.. And yes I brought Mukta Carita with me.. What lovely pieces of Art they are..️
I was a tad disappointed when the bookings for Mukta Carita closed earlier last year.. that is when I had found Lai......So when you reopened it later in the year... I jumped with joy and ordered the beautiful pieces of your Art.. Although with fingers crossed as I have never ordered jewellery online....But these pieces of Art hit the right cords.
Today I send you a pic of one of them and I say this... I’m loving it and I wear it every day and everywhere...
Thank you and here's to many more.
- Preeti (UK) (3rd May'15)
Recieved the ring! Looks grand! Thank you so much!
- Madhavi Sahu, Bangalore (India) (3rd May'15)
I have received my Kinnar Kailash ear tops just. Thank you very much. They are wonderful.
Keats once said that "a thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness", it still stands so true. The Beauty and craftsmanship of the earrings shall be treasured for years to come. I'll wear them, very soon!
- Sharmila, Kolkata (India) (3rd May'15)
Got it!! Just love love the earrings. And the bangles are also gorgeous - the colours just pop! Thanks a tonne.
- Shakha Mehta, Hong Kong (HK) (1st May'15)
Promptly received and completely blown away. Cannot wait to wear these. Thanks much again.
- Sucharita Sinha, USA (1st May'15)
I was back home from a very hectic and tiring day and saw this parcel lying waiting to be opened. In this HOT weather the jewellery did come across as a swishing breeze.
Holding all the 3 pieces together and even after trying them umpteen times I still couldn't decide which one's my favourite. Exceptionally beautifully crafted and such a visual treat for the eyes. Kudos to u girl. Jewellery par excellence. Looking fwd to buying many more :)
- Tanu Sehgal, Chandigarh (India) (1st May'15)
My mother received the earrings yesterday. She loved them! Thank you so much!
Waiting eagerly for your next collection...
- Surabhi Ahluwalia, Noida (India) (30th April'15)
Thank you Puja! You made my day and my weekend happier. Love love love the pieces - they're so bright and colourful and the detailing is perfect - the designs looked just like they do in the images (even better). In fact, I've been told I should just stop buying silver from anyone else cause I only wear your jewellery all the time!
- Ankita Joshi, Mumbai (India) (30th April'15)
Just received the courier.... can't tell u how I thrilled I am to receive this wonderful coin ring :-)
- Leena Mukadam, Navi Mumbi (India) (30th April'15)
Thanks I received it. Its gorgeous! Thanks so much.
- Surbhi Goyal, Delhi (India) (30th April'15)
Received the parcel. Thanks, Puja. Very pretty.
Couldn’t help notice the attention to detail. The serration on the stud screws, the way the turquoise-lapis joint is flexible. Somehow from the pictures, I imagined my Mukta Carita pick to be smaller and delicate- a pair I could wear often. But in real they look magnificent and quite regal. And therefore reserved for sarees and special occasions. Not that I am complaining. This was a design I fell for because it so resembles a Maharashtrian ’nathni’ to me. The nathni is something i have always loved even though I don’t wear nose-pins.
- Nerissa Britto, Mumbai (India) (29th April'15)
I received the package yesterday. Both the rings from Kinnar Kailash & Mukta Craita collection are exquisite! I love the vibrant color palette you have create for the KK ring, it looks very pretty and perfect for summers. And the MK ring is ethereal!!
- Sushmita Sarkar, New Delhi (India) (29th April'15)
Just wanted to let you know that I received the earrings this evening. The design is truly special and the workmanship impeccable , could not resist putting it on immediately . Coincidently it also went with what I happened to be wearing when I got it.

I met you at the Chitra Kala Parishad years ago and have been coveting owning one of your pieces for a long time and finally own one, I have a feeling this is the first of many to follow. Have a wonderful day and waiting to see what special pieces you come up with next.
- Anjali Mathew, Bangalore (India) (29th April'15)

What can I say about your beautiful designs that I haven't already! Suffice to say can't have enough of Lai and awaiting your next collection now.

Please pass on my compliments to your wonderful craftspeople who work wonders with their hands to bring your designs to life!
- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (29th April'15)

Received my new Lai jewellery yesterday! !! I have to say I'm blown away again!!!! Simply lovely! ! Thanks!
- Sejal Desai, Ahmedabad (India) (15th Oct’14)
Received the necklace. It's gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much.
- Prachi Rashmi, Mumbai (India) (28th April'15)
Thanks Puja. Received the earrings today. They are lovely!
- Shabana Ali, Bangalore (India) (19th April'15)
Thanks got the parcel yesterday. Loved the jewellery.
- Surbhi Anand Roy, New Delhi (India) (16th April'15)
I finally got my hands on these jewelry pieces this week and they are really amazing. I loved my coin earrings, especially since there is that "my country's heritage" factor to it. Would definitely send you a pic when I wear it.
-Swapna Aroskar, NJ (USA) (25th March'15)
Received the Cufflinks and they are WOW!!! My brother will surely love them.
- Guneesha Kochar, Mumbai (India) (25th March'15)
Received the packet at my in laws place very much on time. I have been unable to write back to you.
The ear rings and the bangle are so pretty...as if a beautiful poetry set in silver. Wearing it to office makes my day. My colleagues could not stop gushing over it as I wore each piece every consecutive day.
I have shared the designs with them and I am sure your clientele will grow a wee bit more thanks to me. ;-) Will send you the pics soon. Thanks a bunch again! Keep creating great poetry in silver!
- Priya Awasare, Mumbai (India) (17th March'15)
Just went through the catalogue. YOU hit !! again a sixer. Lovely. I cant help ordering. [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Sharmila, Kolkata (India) (12th March'15)
Puja, I am going to have to rob a bank! The Kinner Kailash series is so colorful and pretty.
- Charu Subramanian, New Jersey (USA) (15th March'15)
Got my coin ring!! And it's on my finger already :) Love it!
- Pooja Jagadeesh, Bangalore (India) (13th March'15)
The much coveted coin ring arrived in the mail today and need I say anything else but ... 'I think I am in love again' :)! I had been eyeing this ring for a while and finally decided that I HAD to present it to myself for my birthday! It arrived a tad after my birthday but straggler gifts are always a joy.... And what a joy this gorgeous piece of jewelry is!

Thank you for adding beauty and art to my jewelry box. This ring has found a home where it will be much loved and treasured! :)
- Sudeshna, Texas (USA) (13th March'15)

Absolutely Stunning Puja! The vibrancy of the designs and the colours... Very refreshing and expected from you! Love the detailing in the pieces. I'm going to take a day or two to make up my mind.... There are so many pieces Id love to order. Will surely get back to you soon. Keep up with the awesomeness! :) [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Ankita Joshi, Mumbai (India) (12th March'15)
Congratulations on coming out with an exquisite first collection of 2015. I love the detailing, the beautiful references which you have so uniquely translated into your designs and the craftsmanship. It took me a full hour to go through and decide which piece I need not buy!!! [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Sushmita Sarkar, New Delhi (India) (12th March'15)
Simply exquisite Puja...one of your best collections :) Loved just seeing the pieces. Could get them all. [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
-Sucharita Sinha, USA (12th March'15)
Simply breathtaking .... WOW the new collection is simply unusual ... I can add a lot of adjectives but it's simply amazing . Original and exclusive that's what prompts me to at least own one piece from each of ur collections! [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Nadia Faisal, Chennai (India) (12th March'15)
My Lord, it is just amazing, each and every one of them! You have the most incredible talent, Puja. [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Rukmini Chaturvedi, (India) (12th March'15)
Astounding, jaw-dropping collection/designs! Hats off to your creativity and vision. [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Prathibha Ranganna, USA (12th March'15)
Pujaaaa whataaay way to start the Friday !!! I absolutely loved this collection of yours one because the essence of Himachal is so beautifully captured here.. two you can see the craftsmanship in every piece of this.. and thirdly the variety in which we can use the jewelry itself the re usability factor is awesome.. love the ear studs reused as a pendant .. brilliant idea :)

The colours throughout this collection reflects everything about the state.. its unique and can only appreciate the research that has gone into this.. because the detailing in every piece reminds me how much work must have been spent at the design table :)

Kudos Puja to you and your entire team !!! And yes I’m going to revisit the album later in the day to place my order. . I am literally writing this on bed my Friday has just turned out to be a blockbuster one !!! [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Priya Durairajan, UK (12th March'15)

As always I love your kinnar kailash collection and it seems you're really born to make beautiful jewellery pieces :) [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Sonam Jain, Pune (India) (12th March'15)
Puja!!! I saw the Kinnar Kailash collection just now and I have to confess this is the first time I have wanted so many pieces from one collection. I am so torn it's not funny! :) Congratulations on a fabulous collection once again! [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Pooja Jagadeesh, Bangalore (India) (12th March'15)
Absolutely stunning pieces Puja - the colours, your designs and creativity - I'm spellbound! [On launch of Kinner Kailash collection]
- Natasha Mistry, Ontario (Canada) (12th March'15)
I received your parcel yesterday. The earrings are so exquisite and elegant! Can't wait to wear them... :) Thank you and may you design many more beauties!
- Charu Subramanian, New Jersey (USA) (12th March'15)
I got all the beauties a week ago. The rings are absolutely FABULOUS! So very stylish and beautifully crafted. I've been wearing them pretty much everyday :-) I love the earrings too. Exquisite designs.

I'm a bit sceptical about buying stuff online, esp jewellery and clothes, because I've had a few bad experiences. But I'm really really thrilled with Lai :) Thank you and keep up the great work!
- Gayathri Chandrasekaran, Mumbai (India) (6th March'15)

Got the earrings. Thanks…they look lovely!
- Anita Sastry, Mumbai (India) (3rd March'15)
Received the earrings, thanks! They are very different from what I have & very pretty. Will go well with traditional sarees too, so I'm excited to wear them!
- Manjula Swaroop, Bangalore (India) (2nd March'15)
The package reached, and the items are all gorgeous! Waiting for an occasion to wear them now :-)
- Preeti Chellam, Bangalore (India) (27th Feb'15)
I picked up the earrings from the mailbox. They are very nice. They seemed a little big for my 11 year old, but still suit her and she can wear this as she grows up too.
Thank you
- Geeta Bordawekar, Illinois (USA) (27th Feb'15)
We received the parcel today and they are really beautiful. Thank you so much.
- Varuna Jagtiani, Chennai (India) (26th Feb'15)
Liked the rakhi a lot :-)) Sending a few snaps, my sister is tying rakhi to Amit.
-Sonali Thakur (Singapore) (10th aug’14)
Received the earrings. They are too good! Everyone loved the pearl earrings. I really dont know which is my favorite- the turquoise one or the pearl. Both of them are so beautiful that im not able to choose. I definitely want to own more Lai. All the best to you and kudos to you for your creativity and your craftsmen for their craftsmanship. God bless.
- Rekha Sachith, Singapore (Singapore) (25th Feb'15)
I received the bangle today. It lights up the whole look, and has made me happy. Thank you for this lovely piece of jewellery!
- Rashmi K, Bangalore (India) (24th Feb'15)
Just wanted to inform you that I received the coin ring. It's beautiful. Thank u so much.
- Puja Mittal, Gurgaon (India), (24th Feb'15)
My most awaited package of goodies is here and I'm so delighted! Already worn the ring and cannot wait to wear the ear cuffs! In love!
- Tania Samad, Mumbai (India) (23rd Feb'15)
I received my package and absolutely love the ring- well made and delicate! Thank you! Look forward to more such acquisitions in future!
- Meera Vasudev, Bangalore (India) (24th Feb'15)
Received the package this morning and it felt like Christmas. Promptly wore the earrings. All the pieces were gorgeous. Thank you!
- Vishaka Jayakumar, Chennai (India) (23rd Feb'15)
Hi Puja, I received them today. Absolutely love them. You never disappoint!!!!! Thank you once again. Shall send you aphoto of me wearing them soon!!!!!!
- Sejal Desai, Ahmedabad (India) (23rd Feb'15)
Received the much awaited parcel. They are beeyootifull! Can't wait to wear them. Will send you pics. Thank you.
- Kiriti Goenka, Bangalore (India) (23rd Feb'15)
Got the package today at last. As expected, the pieces are both gorgeous. The workmanship is excellent, the silver quality best and off course the design. Much better to hold than it looks in pictures you know!!! ;)

Looking forward to flaunting these gorgeous pieces and pictures to follow soon.
- Priyanka Rajwar, Bangalore (India) (23rd Feb'15)

Received the pendant yesterday- as usual your attention to detail and superior workmanship and your creativity shines through. Looking forward to wearing it soon. Eagerly awaiting to see what bag of surprises you have for the next collection.
- Nadia Faisal, Chennai (India) (21st Feb'15)
Hands down these are my most favourite Lai pieces!!!!! Such a treasure! I am going to save them for years to come! :) I can't believe I waited so long to buy these! :)
-Shilpa Swamy, Bangalore (India) (21st Feb'15)
Thanks a lot !! Earrings are gorgeous.....very happy! Will send pic soon. U also pleased my mom which is v difficult....lol. Maybe I will buy something for her from your next collection!
- Amruta Bakre, Nagpur (India) (21st Feb'15)
Received it today Puja! It's gorgeous. Will send a pic when I wear it :)
- Meera Prashant, Mumbai, (India) (21st Feb'15)
Yippee do! I got my stuff.....I am loving my jhumkis!!
- Dr.Sharneet Mehta, New Delhi (India) (21st Feb'15)
I've just received my packet like a few mins ago!
I can't begin to explain how beautifully crafted the ring is..! It's strikingly gorgeous... I am falling short of words to explain how I feel owing this special ring.. so glad I made this purchase! Looking fwd to many more...
- Tanu Sehgal, Chandigarh (India) (20th Feb'15)
Received the earrings just after I replied to your e-mail. They are lovely. Just like the picture. I'm planning on wearing them for my birthday next month. It's like a gift to myself. Can't say enough about how much I love them. Thanks a lot!! :)
- Chandrika Sanjeev, Mumbai (India) (20th Feb'15)
Thanks Puja, just received the bangle. Absolute delight. Since I had asked for larger bangle, I was a little apprehensive, as most of the time, I have seen larger-sized bangle tends to bend a little when wearing. It was not the case here. Bangle is sturdy yet delicate looking. Thanks again!
-Namitha Bhupalam, Bangalore (India) (20th Feb'15)
The pendant arrived and I am loving it!! Look forward to your next collection.
- Sheeja Nair, Gurgaon (India) (20th Feb'15)
I received your jewelry. they are par excellent., brilliant craftsmanship, wonderful finishing. thank you sooo much. A lovely gift for my daughter. carry on your good work. All my good wishes.
- Sharmila Majumdar, Kolkata (India) (17th Feb'15)
Thanks! The pendant arrived very promptly- it is gorgeous, my first piece of jewelry from you. Will enhance my (coin) jewelry pieces. Love that it is reversible!
- Deepa Golub, Arkansas (USA)
I love the turquoise earrings from your Samarkhand collection!! They are so beautifully made and reflect the intricate craftsmanship of our extraordinarily talented Indian artisans! These are already one of my favorites. Thank you!
- Sapna Singh, Texas (USA) (5th Feb’15)
Every time I wear something from Lai it feels good. Feels its the work of the people with good hearts and hands.
-- Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (28th Jan’15)
I'm coming back to you again because you have restored my faith in online shopping. Your masterpieces are prettier than they appear in the pictures. Please congratulate your team also for creating such lovelies. The Mukta Carita ring is clearly something a lady would love to own and be proud to pass on to her daughter. My daughter who is just 8 has fallen for your designs too. Clearly, I know, these lovelies would be worn with love and grace by both of us.
- Simi Choudhury, Pune (India) (25th Jan’15)
I got (back) from India after a verrrrrry hectic n stressful 2 months but it all vanished when I saw the earrings n bracelet!!

I'm so so so happy I ordered them from u & the parcel too arrived in the time frame given by u. Now I just can't wait to adorn them!
Loved the extremely neat work & ur warmth. Looking fwd to many more happy conversations & some awesome jewelry!
- Neena Adhia (Singapore) (23rd Jan’15)

I absolutely LOVE the jhumkas that I got from the Mukta Carita collection...they are my new Lai favorites!!! They are stunning and yet so light in weight and very unique!
- Priya Srikanth, Portland (USA) (15th Jan’15)
Received the earrings, Puja....thanks. They are as beautiful as I'd imagined them to be.
- Pritha Nair, Shimla (India) (9th Jan’15)
I managed to go home for a short break over the New Years and was delighted to see the coin necklace and the bounty! Thank you for creating such magnificent jewellery. Stay creative and blessed. My resolve is to be able to buy more of handmade jewellery this year!
- Saroja Sanjivi (Dubai) (7th Jan’15)
I have been meaning to write for a couple of months about the spectacular pieces I received from your Pearl collection. As you know, I have been a huge fan of your work since I "discovered" it two years ago. I have always loved silver since college times (no gold or diamonds for me) so that's no surprise. What surprised me was that I started wearing rings only after I bought your coin ring which continues to be my very favourite (After much thought, I even gifted two of them to some of my favorite people which was met with delight). Your work is design wise very innovative yet visually appealing and pretty. The finish is very slick and of international quality especially starting from the time of your Samarkhand collection which I love. I also secretly like the fact that there are not unlimited quantities of the pieces so there remains a degree of exclusivity.

Coming back to the pearl pieces I received- I honestly was spellbound into silence by the elegant beauty of each delicate piece far exceeding my expectations. I usually don't buy pearls as I don't think they suit me but this was another first for me thanks to you. So you see as you continue to push the boundaries of your creations, you also push mine and I am sure I am not the only one.
- Shakha Mehta, Hong Kong (HK) (5th Jan’15)
Hi Puja- received the packet! Its lovely and I love all the pieces....especially the pearl earring, ring and the Nathdwara ring are my favourites. Waiting to wear them! :-) Thank you for the prompt delivery
-- Parvathi Viswanathan, Bangalore (India) (22nd Dec’14)
What can I say that I haven't already? Absolutely love the earrings!
- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (19th Dec’14)
Every time I wear on of your pieces, my day is filled with compliments and envious admiration! :)
- Deepika Arora, Faridabad (India) (18th Dec’14)
Your creations are unique and touch the heart and soul and are a must- must have for every woman.....
- Harmeet Saini, Dhaod (India) (17th Dec’14)
Received them yesterday Puja! They are lovely as usual! :) Probably I had imagined them to be a wee bit bigger than they were but they look just as pretty as I had imagined them! Cant wear to sport them! :)
- Shilpa Swamy, Bangalore (India) (17th Dec’14)
Thank you for the speedy delivery. Both the ring and the bangle are gorgeous. I imagined the pearls on the bangle to be a bit bigger than the actual but otherwise no quibbles. The workmanship is excellent and the design is beautiful.

Thank you and keep making more such wonderful collections!
- Madhavi Sethupathi, Chennai (India) (15th Dec’14)

My mother received the earrings a couple of days back. She loved them! Thanks for the quick dispatch. I am really happy with this shopping experience, especially because it was online, yet still personal.

Your designs are truly unique and beautiful. It brings me great pleasure to see silver being given the importance it truly deserves.
- Surabhi Ahluwalia, Noida (India) (15th Dec’14)
I'm a stickler for neat and great finished stuff and your each piece is so well done! I'm so excited about my growing Lai collection!
- Runa Damji, Mumbai (India) (14th Dec’14)
Puja, thanks received all the jewelry. Was a bit worried when I saw that the customs had opened the package. I loved all the jewelry.
-- Rini Adhikari, Hong Kong (HK) (14th Dec’14)
I wanted to inform you that I have received the earrings. They are just so beautiful :) Thank you very much. These I have bought for my family and friends :) I hope they really like them. You have a lovely collection. I shall definitely buy some more :)
- Sabina Ravindran, Seattle (USA) (14th Dec’14)
I received the ring and I love it! Very pretty colors and looks great on my finger!
- Lajju Patel, Texas (USA) (14th Dec’14)
I got the packet this morning, Puja. Needless to say, the earrings are beautiful! Just as I had imagined them to be. Kudos to your creativity. Thank you and Best wishes.
- Sheeja Nair, Gurgaon (India) (13th Dec’14)
Your collections never fail to delight me. Am totally pleased with the Nathdwara collection! The meenakari dangles are just enchanting and am besotted with them! Blue is my favourite colour and they are just perfect all my for my blue coloured dresses. :) With every new collection you come up with, I also get to learn a lot about the heritage and culture of each Indian state and the art of making such fine jewellery from different origins.
- Joan Wee (Singapore) (12th Dec’14)
Yippeeee! Got my packet....so excited! can’t wait to wear them...thanks a ton!
- Sharneet, New Delhi (India) (11th Dec’14)
I was eagerly looking forward to my new jewellery and I must say that the designs far exceed my imagination . Esp the Mukta Carita earring are so classy, elegant and antique looking- think this will go on to become a family heirloom. I have scoured the net for silver jewellery since I love it so much . Your one of the two people I know whose designs are unique and so well finished. It's not run of the mill oxidized silver which everyone is selling. Thank you, Puja!
- Nadia, Chennai (India) (10th Dec’14)
Guess what was waiting on my table when I reached my studio today! Sometimes running late is rewarded! Goes without saying that they're lovely. You know, I love how your designs are so effortlessly beautiful.. Quite practical and sublime…..
- Shilpa Sharma, Jaipur (India) (10th Dec’14)


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