What our customers are saying! (5)


Many thanks for the gorgeous earrings! I love them :)

 - Sheeja Nair, Gurgaon (India) (26th October'15)



Received the earrings yesterday. Since then keep staring at it....can't wait for an occasion to flaunt it.....Thank you!

- Nadia F, Chennai (India) (26th October'15)

I got my package! They are lovely :) Thank you! Can't wait to wear them. 

- Anu Gummaraju, Bangalore (India) (25th October'15)



Received the nosepins and as are all the rest of your stuff, these too are gorgeous! However this time a special mention of your craftsmanship. I am a crazy nosepin collector and have over 20 of them. But of all the nose pins I have, yours are the sturdiest ones. The wire is strong yet adjustable, and the length of the wire is such that the nose pin sits perfectly on the nose without irritating the insides! Very, very comfortable and pretty pins! Thanks for creating such lovely stuff! Happy Diwali in advance. :)

- Anisha Padhee, Bangalore (India) (25th October'15)

I got my nose pins today. Oh boy! What beauties. These are probably the most delicate pieces of jewelry I own. While I knew they were beautiful I did not expect them to be so dainty. Love them :) Thank you so much!

- Jayanthi Kanderi, Smyrna (USA) (25th October'15)



I got the package today. The jewels were very beautiful. I like the hair clip so much that I am planning to wear it every time I go out someplace. My mother liked the nose rings very much. Thanks a lot.

- Isaivani Mani, Chennai (India) (24th October'15)

Got the nose rings and the earrings! Wohoooo love love them they r soooooo beautiful! I'm not even 1% sure if i can carry the nose rings like how u did it nevertheless I'm gonna try soon send send u a pic! :)

- Priya Durairajan, London (UK) (24th October'15)



Thanks, received the nose pins, since I am not in country currently I could not see them but my mother said that they are very pretty!

- Supraja Suresh, Bangalore (India) (22nd October'15)

Got nose pins......liked them very much. Thanks!

- Aishwarya Narkar, Mumbai (India) (21st October'15)



Received the jewelry. Both the jali hair clip and the Mughal earrings are gorgeous. Waiting to wear them! Thank you and keep making more such beautiful collections!

- Shruthi Srinivas, Bhadravathi (India) (21st October'15)

Got it today and loved it! Keep up the good work!

- Priyanka Rajwar, Bangalore (India) (21st October'15)



Loved my new earrings!! :)

- Neeti Trivedi, Pune (India) (20th October'15)

I love the hair ornaments. The clip is especially sweet and pretty, the hair pin with the peacock is exquisite.

- Joan Wee, Singapore (Singapore) (19th October'15)



Just got home and collected the hair pin from the security and it's gorgeous!!! Can't wait to give it to my friend, it's a belated birthday gift. Thank you Puja!!!

- Arati Punwani, Bangalore (India) (19th October'15)

 I got the package right on time and liked it a lot. Thank you very much...happy festive season to you and yours.

- Poulomi Naha, Texas (USA) (18th October'15)



Really lovely pieces. Everyone who saw it wants one for themselves!

- Dhivya Viswanathan, Chennai (India) (13th October'15)

I absolutely adore them (nose pins). They are so beautiful!! Thank you so much!! 

- Radhika Prabhu, Thane (India) (13th October'15)



Thanks Pooja, I have received  my stuff. It's really nice...beautiful actually. :)

- Sakshi Dogra, Bangalore (India) (12th October'15)

Received the parcel yesterday. Each nose pin is a masterpiece! Impeccable craftsmanship, beautiful designs and so easy to wear. Will surely be ordering more from this collection.

- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (12th October'15)



I have received it. And I am so loving my nose pins. Now I want more!

- Purvi Sharma, Bangalore (India) (12th October'15)

Received it. Wasn't expecting it so soon. Right in time for Navratri. Thank you very much! Prettier than the pictures. Totally loved them. Both in their contemporary and traditional looks stand out. Thanks again!

- Smriti S, Bangalore (India) (12th October'15)



Received the parcel a few days back. The nose pins are absolutely stunning  much much better than what I expected! Love em...can’t wait to wear them for navratri. Thank you for creating such unique and beautiful pieces. A happy customer!

- Kruttika Trivedi, Thane (India) (12th October'15)

I got them on Saturday. Thanks much. They are very dramatic and pretty. Will send you a pic soon. Wore one of them on Saturday but missed taking a close up pic.

- Jharna Thammaiah, Bangalore (India) (12th October'15)



Received the courier today. .they're awesome.... :) Thank you!

- Ranjani Sridhar, Chennai (India) (12th October'15)

Breathtaking Puja. You have smashed it these are such such gorgeous pieces, I tell you! Truly festive.. revisited the album around million times- I just cannot do justice in choosing a few from these they are all sooooo beautiful !!! Well done, I say !!! :) :) I love those fine details that are all your trademark styles in these those turquoise earrings for example.. and you just look stunning in your sarees !!!!! Full on whistles all the way from London to you !!!  [On launch of Alhambra- chandelier earrings collection]

- Priya Durairajan, London (UK) (10th October'15)



I received the package today without any issues. The nose pins are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks a ton. I love them!!!!!!

- Neeraja Ranjith, Bangalore (India) (10th October'15)

Thanks got my nose rings. They are great :) 

- Surbhi Anand Roy, New Delhi (India) (9th October'15)



I received my parcel today! I loved them!! My marriage is around the corner I will be wearing it on special occasions ...... and all of them gonna be part of very very special memories of my life. Thaaank you soooo much!

- Chaitali Dhiman, Singapore (Singapore) (9th October'15)

I got my finger ring last night. It looks gorgeous! Thank you! 17th is Dandiya night here. And it matches my earrings perfectly!  

- Vani, Frankfurt (Germany) (3rd October'15)



I got the post! So so so lovely it is :) the cufflinks are all that I had hoped for..even more, in fact! Thank you!!

- Ranjitha Krishnamurthy, Bangalore (India) (29th Sept'15)

I have received my stuff and it's fantastic :) Luv it :) wore them during my holiday :)

Thanks for the stuff :) your nose pins album looks so good too!!!

- Rupika Jayaraman, Chennai (India) (26th Sept'15)



A collection of dainty nose pins and hair ornaments! You outdo yourself each time!!

I've never worn a nose ring before but would like to try the ones designed by you. [On launch of of Ras Rasika: nose pins and Hair ornaments collection]

- Charu Subramanian, New Jersey (USA) (21st Sept'15)

Sitting in Florence on our wedding anniversary, I was wondering how else our day could be beautiful but no Ras Rasika chose to arrive and whoa the jewelry is like a poetry. Even before I opened the mail I was sure I was going to buy whatever I could!!! But your choice of doing hair ornaments is commendable totally unexplored area of jewelry but your stuff does complete justice to bring back the charm of vintage-ness to it. What can I say, Puja, you have just proven again on this stunning collection love every piece of the nose ring in particular love the choice of normal and occasion wear ones and yea you have convinced me easily to get as many nose pins and hair ornaments [On launch of of Ras Rasika: nose pins and Hair ornaments collection]

- Priya Durairajan, London (UK) (13th Sept'15)



This is so so so beautiful. I say this almost every time but you really outdo yourself. Just when I think this is it, it cannot get any better I see another brilliant collection. And that is the mark of a real craftsperson. [On launch of of Ras Rasika: nose pins and Hair ornaments collection]

- Anubhuti Krishna, New Delhi (India) (13th Sept'15)

Received the package- and the jewellery is just stunning! The workmanship is exquisite and I'm absolutely delighted by all the pieces! I can't wait to rock up in December and order ALL the things (those nose pin teasers on Instagram!).
I haven't worn any of it as yet- I'm waiting to put together the best outfit for it- but I'll be sure to send you a picture when I do!

- Rishita Nandagiri, Bangalore (India) (9th Sept'15)



My boss loved the cufflinks! Thank you! :)

- Unnati Shah, Lonavala (India) (8th Sept'15)

Received the pendant. It is gorgeous!

- Jayasree Vasudevan, Hyderabad (India) (2nd Sept'15)



I received the package on time. The craftsmanship of the silver piece is par excellence. I congratulate you on this brilliant innovation. Yesterday being Rakshabandhan, my daughter tied the Rakhi on my son. My son in turn presented the it as a pendant to his sister. She will wear it as a manifestation of their womb-bond to cherish and protect forever.
"Brother and Sister, together as friends.
Ready to face whatever life sends-
Joys and laughter, or tears and strife,
Holding hands tightly as they dance through Life!"
Thank you so very much! Attaching a snap for you to see.

- Sharmila M, Kolkata (India) (29th August'15) 

Everythings v v pretty...ring...earrings awesome and intricate.

- Dr Jayanthi Raman, Kolkata (India) (28th August'15)



I received the parcel containing the Nilaja earrings and the raakhi yesterday. I am looking forward to flaunting the beautiful blue lapis lazuli earring and also marking my book with the silver bookmark once rakshabandhan is over ;)

- Charu Subramanian, New Jersey (USA) ((26th August'15)

Received the earrings today. They are gorgeous! I can't get enough of them :) Thank you, you'll definitely be getting more orders from me.

- Prathiksha Ramesh, New Jersey (USA) ((26th August'15)



Received the pieces yesterday. They are beautiful indeed. Hope to wear them very soon.

- Ruchira Agrawal, Bhopal (India) (26th August'15)

Thank you so much for the beautiful rakhi. My brother in law was very happy to receive it. In fact he said that now he will have to read more for himself than just his office files.

- Priya Dawar Sanghi, Noida (India) (25th August'15)



Got my goodies. Loved them very much. The design is awesome and  craftsmanship is exquisite.

- Supti Datta, Bangalore (India) (24th August'15)

Received my stuff gorgeous book marks. Keep posting anything that u create....wish to built up a big Lai collection for my self too!

- Gargi Gohel,  Ahmedabad (India) (24th August'15)



Received it. The rakhi is beautiful. Hope my book worm brother loves it just as much as I did!

- Stuti Kukrety, New Delhi (India), (23rd August'15)

Thanks Puja. My brother in Vizag received the rakhi already and loves it. Thank you once again!

- Deepika Sista, Austin (USA), (21st August'15)



The jewellery is excellent, especially the earrings. Just waiting for a chance to show it off :)

- Himani Grover, Bangalore (India) (21st August'15)

Got it. Did not disappoint- I am in pajamas wearing them walking around. Thanks as usual!

- Shakha Mehta, Hong Kong (HK) (21st August'15)



Just wanted to drop you a line to say the earrings are lovely! Beautifully crafted and elegant -- I'll certainly be coming back for more :)

- Jyoti Madhusoodanan, (USA) (20th August'15)

I confirm the receipt of the earrings with many thanks. The design and the finish are absolutely beautiful. 

- Kavneet Bhatia, New Delhi (India) (19th August'15)



My brother in Noida loved the rakhi. He said "My 1st piece of silver jewellery". He was so happy that he sent me a collage of our pics together immediately on whatsapp. :)

- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (14th August'15)

We received the packet (the Ahmedabad one). Loved...loved...loved the rakhi! Seems like the best ever gift for a brother. Its usually the brother who gets to buy something creative and beautiful for the sister but this was a way for a sister to gift something to her brother! I missed out on the rakhis last year...so so happy I was able to buy them this year! Yay!!!

- Sharvari Dalal, Ahmedabad (India) (11th August'15)



I received the Rakhi, they are very aesthetically done. As a child I used to tie silver Rakhi to my brothers. From sometime I was searching for silver rakhis but couldn't find one to my liking. The search is over now. Thanks.

- Rekha Todi, Chennai (India) (9th August'15)

The rakhis are really pretty :) Have sent to my brother in Australia- will share the pics once he receives and wears them!

- Prachi Grover, New Delhi (India) (9th August'15)



Received the order yesterday- I have been told the Rakhi looks great. My father sounded extremely happy!!

- Indrani Namilikonda, Mumbai (India) (8th August'15)

I just received the rakhi and its beautiful. My brother has still kept all the rakhis I have given him over the years but this one is the most special. He reads a lot and I am glad he can use it everyday as a bookmark. Thank you so much!

- Rashmi Naik, Mumbai (India) (7th August'15)



First of all thank you, thank you, I'm so excited about my order! Especially the coin ring is a winner and stolen my heart forever!

- Krithi Marla, Bangalore (India) (4th August'15)

Got the rakhi  puja! Its beautiful :-) Will send u pics soon:-) I hope to continue adding to my collection from ur creations.  Looking forward to the nose pin collection!!!

- Leena Mukadam, Navi Mumbai (India) (2nd August'15)



Received the earrings......Loved it. I was stunned by how lightweight they were and with what finesse they are crafted. Clap clap clap to you and your team!!

- Shilpa Madhyastha, Fremont (USA) (2nd August'15)

Hey Puja, received the packet and loved both pieces :) 

- Hima Bindu, Singapore (Singapore) (2nd August'15)



I have received the earrings. They are truly beautiful.  Blue is forever. One can look endlessly at the sky, sea and krishna. And I can wear them any time, any place and on any outfit. I am so happy to add them in my precious Lai collection :-)

- Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (31st July'15)

Thank you soooo much- I received the package today. The earrings are so beautiful. Such clean finishing for intricate design. 

- Bhavna Yadav, Bangalore (India) (30th July'15)



Got it Puja! It's lovely! I have been admiring it for half hour now!

- Smruti Das, Mumbai (India) (29th July'15)

Thanks a trillion for the awesome pieces! They r gorgeous and I can't wait to don them! Needless to say I'm yet another fan of ur awesome work....I'm sure you have heard this a Million times but as a wearer of silver jewellery for years now I can only say that I haven't come across anything just as unique as your designs....

- Isha Gupta, New Delhi (India) (29th July'15)



Never loved lapis lazuli more!

- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (28th July'15)

Thanks a trillion for the awesome pieces! They r gorgeous and I can't wait to don them! Needless to say I'm yet another fan of ur awesome work....I'm sure you have heard this a Million times but as a wearer of silver jewellery for years now I can only say that I haven't come across anything just as unique as your designs....

- Isha Gupta, New Delhi (India) (29th July'15)



Never loved lapis lazuli more!

- Jui Tawade, Pune (India) (28th July'15)

Got my ring today and absolutely love, love it!! Can't wait to flaunt it. I am surely coming back to owning more Lai! Thanks for a very happy experience :)

- Ekta Kundra, Singapore (Singapore) (26th July'15)



Received my parcel and I am so glad to have another Lai to my collection. Its so beautiful ! :) I am so in love with my earnings that I am looking at it for hours, going to wear it soon with my blue chiffon saree. How do you come up with such beautiful crafts... Just awesome. The finish and style is so unique!!! Glad to have found Lai. There is a bit  of Lai style in my Life..... :))

- Radhika ChatterjeeMumbai (India) (24th July'15)

Have received the package ... Lovely earrings. Am lookin through the other catalogues ... Love ur profile pic earrings... Will order soon!

- Nadia Faisal, Chennai (India) (24th July'15)



I received the earrings today!!! "Pretty pretty pretty is what i should say!!!" I love all the diffferent ways of wearing the earring :) In fact I found, I am at office and employees are prohibited to take pictures @office premises! I simply cant wait to go home and click pictures with it :D Will send if I get a decent one :)

- Rupika Jayaraman, Chennai (India) (23rd July'15)

OMG !!! Just got the parcel and I can't stop dancing! All the pieces I ordered are absolutely gorgeous,outstanding amazing pieces of art !! Couldnt decide on which one to wear today ..got late for work in the process! :)
This collecting is no doubt the bestest of all till now and my personal favourite ...
May ur creative brain keep producing such extraordinary masterpieces...Good luck!

- Avanti Chauhan, Mumbai (India) (21st July'15)



Received my threaded earrings. Love it! Such finesse and class! 

This is my first purchase from Lai and I already want to build a collection.

- Hema Sridhar, Bangalore (India) (21st July'15)

Received the package. Thank you. Oh I have fallen in love with the pieces. I have purchased them to gift to my sister and a very close friend. Believe me when I say this that I am almost on the verge of keeping them for myself. May be I will order them again once they have selected their favourite pieces. What beauties you have created this time!

- Priya Dawar Sanghi, Noida (India) (21st July'15)



Well, I received the shipment today. Yaaaayyy! :) Needless to say that the two intricately designed pieces are just so PRETTY! Goes without saying that with every new collection that is launched, Lai defines new benchmarks of finesse and creativity. You are so talented Puja!! :) Best wishes to you for all your upcoming collections. Keep up the phenomenal work! You will see me soon in your inbox donning these dazzling jewels. :) :) A Super Happy Lai patron,

- Tanu Pathak, New Delhi (India) (21st July'15)

Received the packet today. It's brilliant, period. I'm not going to say anything more .. :-) Thank you, this is my new favorite from your collection!

- Parvathi Viswanathan, Bangalore (India) (21st July'15)



Thanks. I got them, and I totally love them!

- Amrita Datta, New Delhi (India) (21st July'15) 

Received it and it is beautiful. Thank you.

- Lakshmi Thampi, Gurgaon (India) (21st July'15)



They were exquisite! Me and my daughter dressed up in blue and flaunted our new lapis adornments! Loved each piece! Thank you for coordinating everything.

- Ranjani Gopinath, Bangalore (India) (20th July'15)

Finally got the two pieces in hand, but the wait was worth the prize. They are exquisite! The workmanship is impeccable. Can't wait to wear these.

- Shivani Kalia, New Delhi (India) (20th July'15)



We received the ring and it is exquisite. My daughter loved it very much. 

- Yamini Pratap, Gurgaon (India) (16th July'15)

I want to sleep with this box next to me .. Love every piece .. My Lai collection seems to be getting bigger and bigger ... Thanks Puja :)

- Avanti Chauhan, Mumbai (India) (15th July'15)



Received the parcel and our boss really loved it! :)

- Meera Bagchi, Gurgaon (India) (13th July'15)

Got them! Thank you :) They made it in time for me to take them with me on my next trip. I’m so happy.

- Saumya Premchander, Bangalore (India) (13th July'15)



Am very pleased with my purchase. I seldom wear gold tone earring earrings as I wasn't too sure if they'd suit my skin tone, but they are really lovely and attractive! Just the right size for my ears too. Am looking forward to wearing them. Thanks much!

- Joan Wee, Singapore (Singapore) (11th July'15)

The earrings look great. Cannot wait to wear them! Thank you so much!

- Shruti, New York (USA) (9th July'15)



I received the parcel yesterday. They look really cool!! Thanks so much!!

- Tanushree Saha, Singapore (Singapore) (6th July'15)

Thank you! Just received my packet. Its beautiful, no doubt on that. I am so glad I chose Lai! :)

- Radhika Chatterjee, Mumbai (India) (3rd July'15)



Am stunned by those pretty things, its love at first sight for me and with the new pearl my ring will be reinstated can't wait for it too :-)
Double yay! Thanks again!

- Kashmira Karandikar, Pune (India) (3rd July'15)

I have always valued the finesse in your work apart from creativity and class of course. This collection only instills that further.

- Anubhuti Krishna, Delhi (India) (2nd July'15)



I have received it Puja and am very happy with my purchase :-) Many Thanks.

- Anushi Agarwal, Noida (India) (30th June'15)

Received the pendant on Wednesday last week - wore it to work on Thursday and Friday! It's lovely, and my daughter loved it too. I can predict that she'll want to "borrow" it when she's older :-) 

- Namrata Roy, Bangalore (India) (29th June'15)



I myst admit that the collection is simply WOW! WOW! WOW! Loved each piece ...they are all stunning! Thanks a bunch! You are truly blessed with talent.

- Tanu Pathak, New Delhi (India) (29th June'15)

Received the packet first thing in the morning and it just made my day. They are gorgeous.  Trust me the pictures don't do any justice to its beauty. I was so tempted to wear them when I remembered I am still in my jammies. :) I really admire the detailing in them and the sheer beauty they reflect. This is one piece of jewellery that makes me say that's so me. Something of a heirloom sorts.  Thanks for making it so special!

- Namrata M, Mumbai (India) (26th June'15)



Hey Puja, I got my stuff and its really amazing just loved it the quality was superb.......do send me the new designs catalogue- would love to shop again from you!

- Smriti Kaloti, Chandigarh (India) (26th June'15)


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