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Just saw the collection. I'm speechless, I think this is your best so far. I just feel so overwhelmed with the choices, so much I would want to buy. Really super! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Renuca Veloso Williams, Mumbai (India) (21st April'16)



So glad to see your mailer !! Well this is worth all the wait I must say !! Beautiful insight into the Bidri technique. What amazes me is that each of the jewellery pieces actually have an eclectic mix of modernism, simplicity but at same time ethnic veering towards tribal-ish if you see what I mean!! Isn't it fantastic how a single piece of jewelry brings so much facet!! Well kudos for bringing this craft to us!! I love how it's different from your previous collections but still retains your signature style in the earrings and cuffs!! Must mention the neckpieces they are all soooo gorgeous very quirky again can pair it with tees to sarees !! Versatile collection Puja! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Priya Durairajan, (UK) (21st April'16)

The Bidri collection is mind blowing. Its going to take me lotsa will power to keep me from buying the entire collection! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Dhivya V, Chennai (India) (21st April'16)



It's is always a nice feeling to sleep in the night knowing you have something very nice to look forward to. This happens every time a new collection of yours is about to be launched. Bold. Beautiful. Edgy. Timeless. What a great collection you've put together. It's a curveball that you just threw at us. It's a huge leap and one that is incredible.. Saying that, it is still very much Lai and the combination of Bidri in such bold jewelry is something only you can manage to combine and you have outdone yourself. Yet again. Can I also say, that Urmila looks incredible esp in this shoot. Love the work of the man behind the lens for breathing life into these beauties... Congratulations Puja.. You are a very smart entrepreneur and always an inspiration. [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Kavya M, Hyderabad (India) (21st April'16)

......the rushed glance is enough to say how brilliant, contemporary, edgy, and modern the designs are. They are unlike what I have seen before and yet they talk to me. I say this every time but this time is truer than ever before. You guys have outdone yourself and have taken the brand identity of Lai to another level. I especially like the use of bold silhouette and patterns juxtaposed with delicate chains and dainty straight lines.I am going to have a hard time picking one......[On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Anubhuti Krishna, Delhi (India) (21st April'16)



Puja - this is your best! congratulations! I am making up my mind about a few pieces from this collection..[On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Parvathi Viswanathan, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)

I mean I know I trusted you would take it up a notch! But this is something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been just staring at the pics all day long! Just couldn't make up my mind! Finally, I have decided to pick the best of the lot! :) Or so I have consoled myself... You rock girl! I am totally gushing over you... I am going to be in the bay area end of this year, I would love to meet you and have my fan girl moment......... :-*[On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Shilpa Swamy, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)



Woke up early in the morning to find this beautiful treat of incredible Bidri pieces jewellery in mail. Fascinated and overwhelmed with joy sat quietly admiring them all repeatedly each and every piece and design. Congratulations once again and thanks for bringing and giving us chance to get connected (sitting at home) far from roots with this very old technique and famous era of Bidri make. [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Naaz Patel, Hague (Netherlands) (21st April'16)

Beautiful beautiful pieces. I loved the idea of bringing together something so disparate and creating jewellery out of it. Congratulations, you have done it again! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Surabhi Rajiv, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)



I was out all day and just saw this collection!! Splendid…awesome…perfect….(fill all the super adjectives here) Personally I think this is your best so far! I’m speechless and I don’t know what to buy and what to leave!!! Will take a hard time deciding! :) Congratulations Puja! What amazing work! [On launch of 'Bidri X MCM' collection]

- Priyanka Rajwar, Bangalore (India) (21st April'16)

Got it today. Awesome work of art! The design is neat and the pendant looks beautiful. Liked the pink pouch too. The artisans have done a brilliant job. Please do pass my appreciation to them :)
Look forward to more shopping at Lai!

- Vidhya Anand, Begumpet (India) (16th March'16)



Thanks have received the nose pin- it’s out of the world!

- Kakoli R Choudhury, Gurgaon (India) (15th March'16)

I have received the packet today...thanks....its lovely!

- Margaret Rawal, Bhopal (India) (14th March'16)



Thank you! Wearing your design now and they are all so beautiful :)
Wanted to say thank you!

- Sethulakshmi, Chennai (India) (4th March'16)

Just received the earrings, absolutely beautiful!! Can’t wait to try them on :)

- Dhivya Viswanathan, Chennai (India) (4th March'16)



Received the jewellery. The earrings are gorgeous. My cousin grabbed the bangle out of my hands as soon as I pulled it out of the box - so it is quite clear that she loved it.

- Sarayu Natarajan, Bangalore (India) (4th March'16)

I received the nose pins a few weeks ago and I wanted to express my gratitude for them. They are the most beautiful pair of accessories that I've come to own and have fast become my most favourite. Many of my friends and colleagues loved them too and I have forwarded your catalogue to them :)
Thank you once again and keep weaving your magic on those timeless pieces :)

- Lalita Ramakrishna, Bangalore (India) (24th Feburary'16)



I received the packet today. The rings are absolutely stunning. The craftsmanship is incomparable. I am so mesmerized by the rings that I have already spent hours staring at those and their fine detailing. Totally in love with them. Thank you so much.

I had read somewhere that creative people are actually the most successful people because they give something to the world which stays forever. You are one of those, Puja. I know I am going to cherish these unique pieces forever. Will share the pics soon.

- Shelly Gera, Mumbai (India) (18th Feburary'16)

Just received the earrings. They are really exquisite. Just love them. Waiting eagerly to wear them :) Thanks a lot!

- Sonal Khanna, Navi Mumbai (India) (17th Feburary'16)



I have received the bookmarks and really love them. They are beautiful. I will surely order more stuff from you soon!

- Shyamal Chitale, Mumbai (India) (7th Feburary'16)

I have received my items and they are all stunning, as always. Thank you so much !! :-)

- Anushi Agarwal, Mumbai (India) (4th Feburary'16)



Received the earrings today. They are absolutely beautiful, love them!

- Shvani Chander, Mumbai (India) (29th January'16)

I got the ring today and it is gorgeous. Much more in real than the pictures :) As always am writing few lines on it or maybe it could turn into a story. Will share with you soon. Thanks once again for this beauty. It has added more beauty to my collection.

- Namrata M, Mumbai (India) (19th January'16)



I loved your designs and the craftsman-ship. I regularly purchase Silver jewellery and I have an eye for beauty and good craftsman-ship. Your jewellery is absolutely immaculate. It says a lot about the designer and they look very "Ethereal". Thank you once again and please do keep me posted on all your new designs.

- Shazia Ahmed, Bangalore (India) (15th January'16)

I received the package today. It's such an intelligent (I mean the black and white detailing) and pretty pair of earrings! Totally worth pursuing, I'm glad I could lay my hands on them. Thank you :)

- Rashmi K, Bangalore (India) (14th January'16)



I received the package this afternoon. The earrings are Beautiful!!!! I'm sure going to have fun sporting them.

- Sherline Pimenta, Pune (India) (14th January'16)

I have received the ring and its a indeed a beautiful piece. Thanks ever so much.

- Yasmeen Sheikh, Mumbai (India) (20th December'15)



Received the nose pin today and it's just lovely. I've always wanted to wear a nose pin and this is my first ever. I think I'm not going to take it off me anytime sooner :) Thanks a lot!

- Bhalai Ramanathan, Noida (India) (19th December'15)

I received the package two days ago. Please accept my apologies for not writing earlier. It was a wonderful feeling to hold Lai jewelry in my hands. Thanks much.
Let this be the beginning of many more pieces to come.

- Dr. S. Susan Deborah, Goa (India) (16th December'15)



I received it today and so happy that now I own 2 lovely pieces.I liked it a lot and the quality is very good. Can't wait to see your next collections.

- Girija K, Bangalore (India) (10th December'15)

Received the nose pin. It's exactly the way I wanted it to be. Thank you so much :)

- Priyanca Walanju, Mumbai (India) (9th December'15)



Received the rings. Coin ring is far beyond my expectations. Simply loved it! The other one is also beautiful though I liked the coin ring the most. Thanks so much for sending them over in time!

- Surbhi Goyal, New Delhi (India) (9th December'15)

Yay! Just got them. So, so beautiful and so fine as always. I had my eyes on them since I saw them at Chamiers, finally I have them. These will surely go in one of my girls trousseau someday. Maybe you could get a nice neck piece to go with it then. :) The nose pin is exceptionally nice too. And do you know what? It's my 13th anniversary today. My own gift for such a huge achievement of staying married!

- Anubhuti Krishna, New Delhi (India) (7th December'15)



Oh!! Puja... It is beautiful... So delicate and pretty...Thank u so much... Looking forward to the new collection. Pls keep me updated!

- Ekta Bhasin, Bangalore (India) (5th December'15)

The ring is beautifully made - lovely craftsmanship. I absolutely love it. It is a bit big for me, so I need to get it tightened and everything, but I can't wait to wear it out. Now, I am going to start saving up to buy more from Lai! Also, thanks for making this a smooth process. I really enjoyed buying from you.

- Sarayu Natarajan, Bangalore (India) (4th December'15)



Received them today...thanks again! Love the moon one as well :)

- Rijuta Rishi, New Delhi (India) (30th November'15)

The ring looks lovely! Thank you!

- Maheswari Janathanan, Chennai (India) (30th November'15)



Received the earrings this evening. Just as your other earrings, very neat n pretty piece of work. Perfect for western wear which is my most preferable!
I am still aiming a few more pieces in yr catalogue. Will get them one by one. :)

- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (30th November'15)

Thank you so much! I walked in to work today to find the lovely little package waiting for me. What a delight and what lovely pieces!

- Ankita Khanna, New Delhi (India) (25th November'15)



The black and white ring that I picked from you has become a hot topic of discussion in my office. it has ogled more eyeballs than I ever did even in my younger, prettier days. :)

- Tanu Chhabra Bahl, New Delhi (India) (25th November'15)

I have received the earrings. Firstly feel lucky that you had to make some more pieces and I could get the gold one. I am not surprised Lai loyals liked this design. Its a pretty piece. Perfect for an occasion. A perfect blend of gold and pearls. What I liked the most is that despite of its length and width, it looks delicate and graceful.

- Kavita Shah, Mumbai (India) (21st November'15)



I received the earrings this afternoon and they are so pretty! The design is so unique and celebrity-like :). The detailing in your work is amazing.
I bought a black and white top from Brass Tacks, 2 weeks back and was just waiting to wear it with these earrings only. The wait is finally over and I'll be wearing both this weekend. So looking forward to it. :) Will send a pic! On a different note, but I had to share this. The earring (PB-2179-ER) that i had picked from the Greek Collection, a few months back. My mom/dad saw me wearing it when they visited me during Dussehra. Both my parents thought those were in gold. My mom was in love with the design. She went gushing about it for almost half a day! :)

- Akanksha Dutta, Bangalore (India) (19th November'15)

Me with Lai nose pin! See the smile on my face. I get so many wows whenever I wear it. Thanks so much.

- Aradhana Jena, New Delhi (India) (7th November'15)



They (nose pins) are lovely!! Beautiful is an understatement! Thanks again for having the sent to me so soon!

- Nitee Krithik, Bangalore (India) (6th November'15)

Received the nose pins and they are really cute... Something different I now own... It will take some getting used to wearing it, but I'm looking forward to it
Tempted to buy more ;-) Great job on ur first nose pin collection! And yes the Alhambra collection is gorgeous. Happy Diwali in advance!

- Manjula Swaroop, Singapore (Singapore) (3rd November'15)



Received the packet earlier today. The earrings are exquisite..I can't wait to wear them this Diwali. Thanks!

- Namita Dandekar, Mumbai (India) (2nd November'15)

I received it last night. The pieces are beautiful :)) More exquisite than what I expected. I'm in your mailer list, so would be looking forward to receiving info on more products!

- Sethulakshmi, Chennnai (India) (2nd November'15)



I LOVE them! Thanks so much. The bookmark is so lovely. My sister's started using it immediately. I will add to my collection once I've decided what to buy next! :D

Keep them coming! :) Happy Diwali!

- Varthika Neethi Mohan, Madurai (India) (2nd November'15)

I got it (nose pin)!! Gorgeous. I love it. Thank you!

- Aarti Akshinthala, Foster City (USA) (31st October'15)



Just wanted to share that the nose pin looked awesome today when I wore the same on Karvachauth..Just love your craftsmanship, was never really into nose pins but I m just in love with ur collection of the same :-) Attaching a pic of the same.

- Tamanna Saxena, Noida (India) (30th October'15)

Received nose pins a few days back. they look v pretty...will send pic when I wear it!

- Priya Srikanth, Portland (USA) (28th October'15)



The earrings reached today, my friend just sent the pictures and I must say it's better than expected. I will receive the earring only in December but have already thought of an outfit to match with your beautifully crafted design. Already looking forward to your next collection.

PS: I wanted to tell you this since long but somehow missed it. 'Lai' means God in my mother tongue 'Meiteilon' (also know as Manipuri) the language spoken in Manipur, the Northeastern state of India.

- Matouleibi S, Sweden (27th October'15)

Received the earring today. They're lovely. So looking forward to wearing them with the festive season just around the corner!

- Ruchira Agrawal, Bhopal (India) (27th October'15)



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