Rare, Native American modular ear jacket earrings with onyx studs

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We LOVE these Native American modular earrings that can be worn 3 ways (using the components of these earrings but in many-many other ways when combined with suds and ear jackets from your own collection). Completely handcrafted, chased, and stamped, being crafted from a sheet (versus casting) makes them extremely lightweight with a tactility that is unique to such pieces. Loaded with tons of "old world" southwestern charm, this kind of work is getting increasingly hard to find.

Has a lovely soft patina and also some spots of discoloration (likey from chemicals such as perfumes- please wear your perfume before you put on your jewelry!) Remember, this jewelry is shot in the close-up mode which magnifies everything. In-person, these earrings look great and the discoloration is faintly visible. For us, this does not take away from the beauty of the design and while we can, we'd rather not re-plate or buff it. Please see the pictures and decide if you are ok with this before buying.

Composition: Sterling silver and Black Onyx.

Stamp: STER (the maker's signature) ©

Measurements: 3.6 cm long and 2.8 cm at the widest. The black onyx studs are 0.8 cm in diameter. Push-post closure.

Age: 1960s- 1970s.

Country of origin: USA.

Please note: (1) All the jewelry in this collection is vintage, and thus neither new nor in mint condition. Wear, dents, scratches, oxidation, etc. are in keeping with the age of the jewelry.

(2) All the jewelry has been gently cleaned to remove surface dirt and oils but not the patina- which in our view adds immensely to the appeal of vintage pieces. While in great condition (none of the jewelry is broken/chipped/in need of repair), all were previously owned by someone else, and while not perfect each is full of old history and charm. Please use accompanying photographs to make your decision and be sure to ask any questions you may have before purchase.

(3) It is also worth reminding that since the jewelry is shot in close-up mode, the pieces may look bigger than the actual size. Conversely, some large pieces may look smaller in pictures. Always refer to the mentioned dimensions.

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