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Statement, large 'Matsya' (fish) earrings

$250 USD

Design code: PBZ-1440-ER

Handcrafted in sterling silver with fine hand-painted enamel work in red, turquoise, and navy blue enamel.

Which other folk art motif can speak the loudest about tradition and symbolism that are inherent in them, than one of the most common and all-pervasive of them all- the 'matsya' (fish)?

Wear these dramatic earrings only if you are prepared to be stopped and asked about them every few minutes- for the 'matsya' is a real beauty. Spare elegance, contemporary aesthetic and exquisite attention to detail. A design that is at the same time very modern and yet timeless. And one with great poetic and cultural resonance.

Trivia: Did you know that fish in folk art is a common symbol of fertility, abundance, conjugal happiness, providence and a charm against the evil eye? Now you do. :)

Dimensions: 5.6 cms long and 2.1 cms at the widest. Push-post closure.

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