Stunning, soulful, pearl encrusted, gold-plated key pendant necklace

$198 USD

Design code: PB-2220-N (G)

Handcrafted in sterling silver and gold plated- with individually and painstakingly hand set seed pearls.

Dimensions: (of the Key pendant) 4.1 cms long and 1.9 cms at the widest. The total necklace length is 16" (with a 'lobster hook' back closure) and an additional 1.5" extension chain.

A fascinating aspect of Victorian jewelry is the deep symbolism and sentimentality rendered in its designs. Aside from charm, ageless beauty, and nostalgic value, Victorian jewelry pieces, more often than not, contained a hidden meaning/message/story through the choice of material, shape, types of gemstones used, as well as their arrangement.

The Key denoted that the wearer has been assigned as a 'guardian' or an 'authority'- as in someone handing them the key to their heart.....

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