Tribal African oval marooon Tuareg pendant necklace

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This absolutely stunning Tuareg necklace was handcrafted in Niger, the southern regions of Sahara desert, Africa. It comprises a large, etched, silver pendant clasping a round maroon onyx stone and strung on black beads (interspersed with tubular pipe silver beads). The silver pendant has been chiselled with characteristic Tuareg geometric patterns. While you won't be able to strike off Africa from your travel list, owing this authentic African piece of jewellery will surely get you closer to partaking their ancient culture.   

Composition: Sterling silver, maroon onyx and black beads.

Measurements: Total necklace length is 17.5" long ('hook and eye' back closure). The pendant measures 6.2 cms long and 5 cms at the widest.

Weight: 35.32 gms

Age: 1960s

Country of origin: Africa.

Trivia: Tuareg women have a superstitious fear of gold (the metal of the devil) and do not wear it to avoid any bad luck. Silver is the metal of their choice of ('the pure metal blessed by the Prophet') and has played a very important role in the Tuareg traditions and economy. Silver jewellery is part of every Tuareg's family estate and has both symbolic and real value, serving also as savings and for exchange.

Please note: All the jewellery in this collection is vintage, and thus neither new nor in mint condition. Wear, dents, scratches, oxidation etc. are in keeping with the age of the jewellery.

All the jewellery has been gently cleaned to remove surface dirt and oils but not the patina- which in our view adds immensely to the appeal of vintage pieces. While in great condition (none of the jewellery is broken/chipped/in need of repair), all were previously owned by someone else, and while not perfect each is full of old history and charm. Please use accompanying photographs to make your decision and be sure to ask any questions you may have before purchase. It is also worth reminding that since the jewellery is shot in close-up mode, the pieces may look bigger than actual size. Conversely, some large pieces may look smaller in pictures. Always refer to the mentioned dimensions.

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