Bidri x MCM


Lai Craft Stories Bidri inlay sterling silver jewelry

‘Bidri X MCM’ has been inspired by the aesthetics of Mid-Century Modern and skillfully handcrafted using the unique craft of Bidri (a fine art of inlaying silver wire on an oxidized/blackened zinc and copper alloy).

Each piece in this collection has Bidri components that are handcrafted in Bidar, Southern India, by master craftsmen using time-honored techniques handed down over centuries. These Bidri components are then set in silver jewelry by expert artisans in our Jaipur workshop with extreme attention to detail at every stage through a delicate and time-consuming process.

The striking contrast of colors- the glossy silver inlay being set off dramatically against the matt black- makes for visually stunning pieces. The result is an overall aesthetic that is delicate yet formidable, understated yet opulent. This Limited Edition collection, though contemporary, exudes a definite agelessness.

Mid Century Modern (MCM), more than half a century after its origin, suddenly feels very relevant again. Its minimalist sensibility, a preference for clean lines and pared-down designs seem to be exactly what we need as we look to simplify our fast-paced, multitasked, over-informed, frantic, internet-fueled lives. You can read more about our inspiration, MCM aesthetics, here and about the craft of Bidri here and here.


This collection has moved and is now available on our sister website/brand Craft Stories (click to shop).

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