Black and White

pubelo native american pottery inspired handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. black and white collection. original and unique jewelry by lai

The 'Black and White' collection took its genesis on a museum visit in New Mexico, USA. I found myself completely fascinated by the Native American 'Pueblo pottery' and the dramatic decoration on these pots- especially when done black-on-black or black-on-cream.

The designs on the pottery include geometric patterns, stylized animals, birds, floral motifs, and other symbols. Sometimes these symbols have a consistent meaning i.e any member of the tribe would recognize a cloud or a water symbol, but sometimes the symbolism is meaningful to the artist alone.

This stunning pottery is still produced today in a manner almost identical to the method developed during the Classic Pueblo period about 1050-1300 AD. I hope you'll find yourself getting as drawn to this collection as I was to the Pueblo pottery.



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