Ebru (enamel marbling birthstone jewelry)

Enamel marbling and birthstone handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Ebru. Original and unique gemstone jewelry by Lai and Craft Stories

Marbling, a truly global art form, is indicative of the give-and-take nature of the Silk Route where not only goods but knowledge and skills exchanged hands. One can imagine the spread of the craft of Marbling from China to Japan and Central Asia (Turkey and Iran)- from where it further spread to India and Europe. 

It took us almost a year to figure out how best to achieve the Marbling effect on the super small scale of jewelry. Experiments galore to figure out the best enamel colors, combinations, and temperatures to pull it all off. We're thrilled to finally present this unique range of sterling silver jewelry that incorporates the wonderful, sensuous effect of marbling.
Enamel Marbling in jewelry
Every piece of jewelry in this collection has been individually hand-painted to achieve a simple yet stunning marbling effect. Given the process of its formation, the beauty of the fluid dynamics, and the serendipitous nature of marbling, no two pieces in this collection will ever be the same- just like us all.

Accenting the jewelry with birthstones for different months, from February's amethyst to August's Peridot, we hope to offer you something that is both one-of-a-kind and deeply personal at the same time.


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