Hidden Messages


Hidden Messages. Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry by Lai

‘Hidden Messages’ stems, in part, from the various conversations and changes taking place around us. Conversations about feminism, women’s rights, our strengths, and self-acceptance.

Partly hidden in a graphic pattern, when you care to hold the jewelry close, the message reveals itself to you. These positive, empowering messages when looked at, even passingly, send subliminal messages to the brain, re-enforcing their positivity every single time. Messages of strength. Of wisdom. Of inspiration. Of compassion and empathy. Of love and of hope.

We wanted to create jewelry that is current and tells the story of our times. That excites, inspires, and intrigues. That is personal to every person who owns it. And that which one would want to gift to one’s sister, best friend, mother, daughter, and aunt.

Handcrafted in sterling silver with a satin finish that is at the same time sophisticated and lush.

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