Jaipur (baroque pearl birthstone jewelry)

Baroque pearls, enamel and gemstone handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Jaipur. Original and unique jewelry by Lai and Craft Stories

This collection aims to evoke nostalgia for the beauty and joy that is quintessential of Jaipur - a city famous for its vibrant colors, people, and customs. A city of quaint architectural details, palaces, forts, and old bazaars. Of graceful miniature paintings and flamboyant frescoed walls. Of a quiet elegance and an enchanting patina.

Employing a unique marriage of old-world craftsmanship and modern sensibility, the jewelry in this collection highlights baroque pearls with enamel and gemstone accents- birthstones for different months, from January's garnet to December's turquoise. 

With this collection, we hope to, in a delicate yet meaningful way, bring subtle resonance to enrich your wardrobes. Personal, meaningful, collectible, timeless and utterly fabulous.


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