Mehndi (henna) inspired handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Original and unique jewelry by Lai.

'Mehndi' is a custom in India (and some other parts of Asia and Africa) that has been handed down over centuries. It is the traditional art of painting hands and feet with a paste of dried, powdered leaves of the henna plant mixed with water and is typically applied by women during weddings and festivals.

Mehndi designs tend to be a combination of floral and geometric motifs- paisley (ambi), straight lines, scallops, dots, tear-drops, leaves, floral shapes, etc. Both symbolic and artistic, these patterns are a fascinating art form on their own.

Our Mehndi collection has been inspired by the traditional body of mehndi motifs- interpreted and adapted for contemporary urban wear. The black rhodium-plated mehndi motifs have been juxtaposed on the serene background of matt finish silver giving the pieces an exotic yet familiar feel.

(Trivia: rhodium is the rarest of all metals used in jewelry and can cost as much as 10 times the price of gold.)

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