Mukta Carita (The Pearl Story)

Mukta Carita The Pearl Story header. Sterling silver jewelry by Lai.

This collection has been inspired by the beauty, romance, and nostalgia of a time gone by. A collection that will take you back to a simpler time and evoke wonderful memories. Of sneaking behind the curtains and observing your mother get ready for a party. Of the old-world glamour of movies. Of uncomplicated relationships and easier friendships.

Mukta Carita (The Pearl Story) draws its inspiration from the classic aesthetics of yore and re-interprets it for contemporary wear- our way of celebrating those days and bringing it into the present. We hope we've succeeded in creating heirloom-worthy pieces that you will love to possess.

Each design is handcrafted in Jaipur by expert artisans. Pieces made with extreme attention to detail with every single pearl being laboriously and painstakingly handset.

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