Nathdwara enamel Indian jewelry. Sterling silver meenakari jewellery by Lai

'Nathdwara' collection has been inspired by the characteristic enamel work (meenakari) of Persian descent, practiced by the enamelers in Nathdwara- a small town in Rajasthan, famous for being the site of the second richest temple in India (Shri Nathji temple) and for the very collectible 'Pichwais' (cloth paintings).

A generations-old craft, the expertise lies both in the fine application as well as the production of a very fine type of enamel (powdered glass). This enamel acquires luster even when fired at moderate heat- without complete fusion.

The piece of metal on which the work has to be done is fixed on a lac stick. Delicate designs of flowers, birds, and esoteric symbols are etched/carved on it. The groves thus formed, hold the enamel. Each color/enamel is painstakingly applied with a fine brush and then fired to melt the enamel resulting in the end product which is then manually buffed for added shine and finish.

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