Old Delhi


Old Delhi header. Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry by Lai

A collection inspired by an evening spent walking down the bazaars in Old Delhi- noting the architectural details, the distinct iconography, trying to imagine how it must have been in the 17th century, and picking up memory stirring small bits and bob to use in jewelry.....

Old Delhi, specifically Delhi-6 (named after the pin code 11006), is where my grandfather moved to from Mathura, in 1939, looking for a new beginning with his newly wedded wife and setting up a house. A house my father was born in and where we lived till 1984.

While I tried looking at Chandni Chowk with the intent of culling out details with a fresh perspective, it wouldn't be wrong to say that a lot of it was nostalgia tinted. My own childhood memories plus the numerous stories I kept hearing till much later.

The spirit of Old Delhi, captured in contemporary jewelry.

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Sold Out

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