The African Odyssey


African Odyssey Header. Sterling silver jewelry

'The African Odyssey' collection had us turning to the vast, beautiful, and culturally diverse continent of Africa for inspiration; zeroing in on the stunning traditional Gourounsi architecture of Tiébélé and Dutch wax prints of West Africa.

The result- jewelry pieces that invoke the spirit and aesthetics of the elaborately decorated walls of Tiébélé homes and the flamboyance of Dutch wax prints. Pieces that are feminine, irresistibly stylish, timeless, and rich in West African design influences. Making this a must-have collection for anyone who loves exploring different cultures, stories, and unique designs.

As always, these have been handcrafted at our Jaipur workshop, in sterling silver; finely detailed with hand-painted enamel work. We hope owning and wearing these designs will leave you enchanted, in love, and curious about yet another beautiful part of our world!

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