The Call of Kutch

Kutch inspired handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Original and unique jewelry by Lai

'The Call of Kutch' collection has been inspired by my travels in enchanting Kutch, Gujarat. Inspired by the spirit of its friendly people, their simple yet rich folk culture, the beauty of delicate jalis (lattice) punctuating the stark beauty of the 'bhungas' (circular huts), the hammered texture of their vessels, and simple pattern harmony in everything they make- 'The Call of Kutch' is my ode to this land. A land that has a mystical, ethereal, soul-stirring quality to it. 

For me, this was a journey into a deeper understanding of the Indian subcontinent and its rich folk traditions. I left with a greater appreciation of craft skills and rural living and with memories to last a lifetime. While there is nothing better than experiencing this firsthand, and I truly hope that you have that opportunity sometime, with this collection I hope to share with you the magic that is Kutch.....

A versatile collection with a nomadic chic vibe. Hammer and glossy finish bring out that mesmerizing glint of moonlight on the desert sand.

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