A story we love! November 16 2015

Occasionally we'll get a mail that tugs all kind of strings in our heart! Truly! This beautiful mail and image were sent by Megha from Paris (plus more that she did not want to publicly share). This is what she had to say:

"I wore the beautiful coin ring for my wedding and I thought you'd like to see how nice it looked since everyone seemed to love it. I only wore 4 pieces of jewllery- My great grandmothers gold and pearl brooch, my grandmother's string of pearls, my mothers gold and pearl earrings and the ring which was was my addition to the set put together over generations.
So thanks for creating something I love so much!"

We barely have words to express our happiness and gratitude when something that came out of our work shop becomes that one piece of jewellery that you chose to add to the mix that has a piece each from previous 3 generations.....such an immense honour!
In this picture Megha is making the 'varmalas' by tying together gajras someone found in a Tamil shop in Paris and brought to the little French village she got married in. How utterly beautiful and romantic....won't you say?!

I wish we could have shared more full length pictures because Megha made such a refreshingly beautiful bride- elegant, simple and soooo beautiful! Truly a bride after our own heart! For those of you who are curious here is some more trivia that I culled out from Megha in our mail exchange: The sari is from an old sari shop in CP where her mother's and her mother's sisters wedding sari were bought and the coat from a workshop her mother used to work with. In Megha's words, "Chiffon is originally a French material so a chiffon sari brings together Indians and French sartorial history (my husband is French). We got married in the mountains where ferns grow everywhere and ferns are also the oldest and some of the most resilient plants so the embroidered ferns were also a nice symbol."

So symbolic and beautiful.......her pictures and mails made me want to get married again! (To the same person!!) :)

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 16th November, 2015.