First Look! July 23 2021


Lai Miniature painting sterling silver jewelry collection Launch

We couldn't be more excited than to finally be able to talk of our new collection, The Miniaturist,- out real soon!

If you've followed us for a while, you're perhaps familiar with our love for traditional Indian art, especially Miniature paintings.

Two years ago, we went on a quest to find the few remaining chitrakars/artists who specialize in miniature painting for jewellery. Find them we did, and for this collection, we're fortunate to have collaborated with two of them. One in Ajmer and one in Jaipur- both of whom learned this exquisite and painstaking art from their forefathers, who were artists in royal courts.

Using the same techniques and skills used since the 16th century, passed down through families and traditional guilds, from fathers to sons, this is truly a collector's collection.

No other collection has demanded such a long gestation time, so much coordination, and such a lot of patience! After 18 months of work - designing, prototyping, numerous WhatsApp calls and messages, couriers, and travels including a 3-months trip to India at the cusp of COVID last year, we feel so proud to present our new work to you......real soon! :)