And we send out our first domestic courier in the US! June 10 2013

After all the dilly-dallying & keeping everyone waiting, we finally sent out our first domestic courier in the US, last week......& what better way to start a work day than to have this mail in the mailbox?!.....thanks a ton, Lajju!

"Hi Puja,

How are you? I received the jewellery yesterday. This is the second purchase I have made from you. The first coin ring is a piece I love wearing (my brother ordered this one from you in Mumbai after seeing your exhibition). These new pieces are so unique! I really really love them. The coloring really is a crowning touch to the silver! I know I will enjoy wearing the necklace and ring everywhere...

Thanks for everything and I hope to keep on touch. You are a pleasure to communicate with.

With regards,

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 11th June, 2013.