Caring for your silver jewellery April 30 2015

Something that I'm asked very frequently: How do we best take care of our silver jewellery?
Well, my experience tells me:

(1) Wear your jewellery as often as possible....jewellery tarnishes less when it is me, thats true!

(2) The key to having silver jewellery look good for the longest time is to not wet them (wipe them with a soft dry cloth as soon as you can, in case they do get wet....but no scrubbing & using detergent!) or expose them to chemicals like perfumes etc. (so please spray before you put on your jewellery). The chlorine and bromine in pools and hot tubs is particularly damaging to stones and no jewellery in the pool, tub or sauna!

(3) Storing in the re-sealable bags (like the ones we pack our jewellery in) or zip-lock bags is an ideal way to keep your jewellery. A soft cloth pouch is great too. Pack all you jewellery in individual pouches to avoid scratches & early wearing-off of the gold plating.

(4) Keeping your jewellery in a dark, cool place like a drawer & not a humid environment like bathroom is another sensible things to do.

(5) Finally, you can always wipe off the tarnish (silver turning black) with a commonly available polish like Silvo....but do use it sapringly & gently. Polishing gently with a jewellery polishing cloth & gentle cleaning with any white fluoride containing toothpase are the other two result yielding options.

Any other tips/ comments are most welcome!