First Look! April 11 2016

I couldn't be happier than to finally be able to talk about our new collection- launching very soon!

Like many of our previous collections, this is a very personal one- born out of my current influences and preferences. However, this is one collection that has taken the longest time in other collection has demanded such a long gestation time, so much co-ordination and such a lot of patience!

I fell in love with the craft of Bidri (a fine art of inlaying silver wire and sheet on an oxidized zinc and copper alloy) as a design student and have always wanted to work with it. When I moved to Bangalore from Delhi, I thought the time had come. I travelled to Bidar, a small town in north Karnataka, where this craft is practiced but the unit I was referred to didn't seem like the place that could or would do justice to our designs. So after some failed attempts, I put the Bidri project on a back burner.
When I moved to the US, I found myself drawn more and more to 'Mid Century Modern' (MCM) aesthetics that are so quintessentially Californian; and somehow Bidri and MCM just seemed such a natural fit together for our new collection! (More on Mid Century Modern in a subsequent post.)

So I started looking again for the right collaborator and finally my search ended with a master craftsman (and a National Awardee for Bidri craft) who had worked on many prestigious projects before. When I held the first few samples in my hands, I knew I had found the level of craftsmanship I had been looking for.

And after 8 months of work - designing, prototyping, numerous telephone calls, couriers and travels including a 3 month travel and stay in India - to get things just right, we feel so proud to be able to present our new work to you- real soon.....

Also posted on our Facebook page on 11th April, 2016.