Hear! Hear! October 15 2015

The preview e-invites have gone out and here are some of the wonderful things those who have seen it are saying:

So excited to have received your email this morning.
I stared more at each piece, it took me a few hours to finally pick up the piece I thought I will cherish having in my collection.
I love the intricate work craftsmanship in each piece. All of them are so elegant and delightful. Also, I also love how you have brought out the harmonized version of architecture and emotion into these explosive designs, just time in for Diwali! :) As you rightly said, these are to be passed on from one generation to the next.
-Lakshmi Gopalakrishnan

Awesome Collection. They look so royal and grand, just as chandeliers are.
A festive collection, indeed! :)
-Akanksha Dutta

Congratulations once again for Brilliant Alhambra.Designs speaks bound of creative brain and hard work. Every piece is different and stunning.
-Naaz Patel

Breathtaking, Puja. You have smashed it these are such such gorgeous pieces i tell you.. truly festive.. revisited the album around million times i just cannot do justice in choosing a few from these they are all sooooo beautiful !!! well done i say !!! :) :) i love those fine details that are all your trademark styles in these those turqoise earrings for example.. and you just look stunning in your sarees !!!!! full on whistles all the way from london to you !!!
-Priya Durairajan

Nice work as always, and I think this time you have probably tried to move out of your comfort zone by doing something more edgy and flamboyant {I somehow don't relate these words to Lai usually :)} What I like most is despite the edginess, they are neither ostentatious nor over the top.
-Anubhuti Krishna

Boy, was it tough settling on one!!!!!!!! realllly pretty collection yet again! :) I am bored of giving compliments now!
-Shilpa swamy

Wow Puja, what an absolutely stunning collection!
-Ritu Lahiri

Thank you everyone who has taken out time to write in. Launching tomorrow! Our 3rd installment for this festive season and our last collection for this year!

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 15th October, 2015.