Himachali shawls- thats where we got the colors from for our new collection! March 15 2015

For me one of the most special craft of Himachal is their shawl weaving tradition especially of Northern Himachal. I worked on a 'Kinnauri shawl' revival project in Himachal and made multiple trips to this region for it.....and fell in love with it!

Extreme cold winters of Himachal necessitated wool weaving and nearly every household in Himachal owns a pit-loom. Kinnaur and Spiti shawls (used as draped garments- those worn by the women are called 'pattu' and those used by the men are called 'chandru') are distinctive with their striking borders in geometric pattern and vibrant colors.

These bright and distinctive borders have inspired the colour palette for enameling in Lai's Kinner Kailash collection.



Originally posted on our Facebook page on 6th March, 2015.