If we could frame just one testimonial..... December 15 2013

"Dear Puja,

I received my earrings yesterday. Now where should I begin, I am not a very confident online buyer, specially when it comes to jewellery. As a journalist I have met and interviewed quite a few very successful online jewellery sellers and buyers and have heard all sorts of stories from them, both good and bad.

When I stumbled upon your page sometime earlier this year, I was instantly drooling over your designs but was not sure what to do about it. Too strong an urge to indulge in your jewellery prompted me to read each and every word of what your buyers and loyalists had to say. I went through the pictures, I read, read and read and as confident as I could be I placed the order.
And lo and behold, sure of what I was expecting I was treated to something much much better when I opened the packet. It is absolutely amazingly beautiful :)

I had read somewhere on the Lai page that a lady plans to hand down pieces by you as family heirloom to her daughters and looking at my earrings I knew in an instant why. Hats off for managing such precision and finesse....I am enthralled.

While I was placing the order and I was waiting for the delivery you shared some pins about yourself and your work and I connected so much. It was almost like walking into your favourite silver store cum worshop and choosing what you love over a cup of chai :)
Such a holistically delighful experience. Thank you!!

Even before I ordered this set of earring I had my wishlist ready and now I am going to bother you time and again with purchases from it as and when the opportunity arrives.

Thank you Puja and God bless you!!

Much love,

[Sent via e-mail dated 14th Dec.'13]

I'm speechless. When someone like Pallavi Shahi writes in with such a feedback- it validates what we are trying to do, it motivates us to never let those who connect with us down & it eggs us on to do better work so that we can always live up to the expectations that our patrons have of us.
Thanks a ton, Pallavi, for taking out time to pen this down....from the bottom of my heart! xox Puja

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 16th December, 2013.