If we had a caption contest for Lai.... October 05 2014

.......these 2 awesome messages would win hands down! They had us at "Lai'la" and "Lai'ghtened"! :)

"I am having a hard time finalising my order as I have the desire to own all of them !!!! Hence, have become a 'Lai'la of your creations and hope to remain one for the rest of my life."
-Indrani N

"Both of us sisters have had quite some tough decisions to make this last week...it has been so tough not to get carried away and just order almost everything I set my eyes on!! That is why it has taken me such a while to place this order....
Also, one of the first things my sis said when she saw your latest collection was "You have 'Lai'ghtened up my day'... "

Thank you ladies- for your generosity and creativity! :)

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 6th October, 2014.