In which our ring becomes the muse! February 01 2016

It fills our heart with joy and pride to see some of our jewellery pieces resonating so deeply with so many of you- like our coin ring!

Writer, Namrata of LIFE- As I see it, casting her Lai coin ring in the role of a muse, penned this beautiful- beautiful poem. "This year for me is going to the year of big leap and somehow the more I see this ring the more I feel it is going to be the harbinger of the change I am so looking forward to" she said while ordering the ring. If you have a moment, I would urge you to read these lines as a reminder that happiness really begins with self love and that it is never to late to act on it!

Note to self:
A lot of love with a lot of promises in the form of a ring for this finger; none could bind my dreams or hold my heart.
All they had was a fake odor of something called desire, hidden deep beneath the labyrinth of love!
But today I gift you this promise of love – a predicament of eternity and an oath of a lifetime ~
I promise to love you before anyone else.
I promise to love you forever.
I promise to look after you.
I promise to never let you get hurt.
I promise to hold you, cherish you and be there for you, always.
To be there when you need me, and when you don’t,
I promise.
- Namrata M

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 1st February, 2015.