It is wonderful to be back after a vacation and have tons of wonderful mails and messages awaiting us.... June 14 2016 this one on our Instagram feed from a designer we admire a lot- Eina Ahluwalia:

"I just discovered your new Bidri line, and I had to write in to say I LOVE it!!! Congratulations, it's absolutely brilliant ❤️"

It is so generous and wonderful of Eina to stop by and comment- we are thrilled to have our new collection liked by some one whose work we admire a lot. In fact, Eina is not the only fellow designer who has written in to congratulate us on our Bidri are some others whose messages we are so grateful for!

"The bidri range is exceptional! Congratulations!!!"
- Benaazir of MoodSwings Jewelry by Benaazir

"The collection is fro sure not be missed. Loved every design"
- Sankeerthi of Rabbit Out Of The Hat

"Sheer art, Puja! Have always loved your design sensibilities. Bidri in this form is poetry 💜"
- Aparna of Nine By Thirty

"Really appreciate your latest experiment. It's incredibly brave of you to try something so different despite all the expectations and pressures that come with having a strong following."
-Vyshnavi of Dvibhumi

Thank you and much love to all of you! Feels great to be a part of such a warm and positive design community! :)

Click the above image to play the video!

Also posted on our Facebook page on 14th June, 2016.