Lai's signature bookmark'able Rakhis......back again! July 27 2015

Lai's signature, limited edition Bookmark'able Rakhis are back this year after a phenomenal reception last year!

The Rakhi that you put so much love into in picking, tying on your brother's wrist (or mailing it)- a symbol of your lifelong love for him- taken off and discard the next day. Not that your brother wants to- it’s just that he can't possibly be wearing a Rakhi on just another day.

Wouldn’t you want to give him a Rakhi that he’ll keep forever – something permanent?
Lai has created unique and beautiful Rakhis that convert to a classy Bookmark- something that a brother will be happy and proud to possess. An everyday reminder of his dear sister. A perfect way to make this Rakshabandhan memorable!

The design is in keeping with Lai’s philosophy of adapting cultural motifs for contemporary use. And, as with our jewellery, these rakhis are handcrafted in sterling silver (hallmarked with a '925' stamp at back).

Lai's Bookmark'able Rakhis are available in six beautiful designs – each available either in sterling silver or as gold plated sterling silver. And each comes in a festive organza pouch and an illustrative card to show how the Rakhi converts into a Bookmark. One side of which can be used to write a loving note.

Drop in a mail at to request for your catalogue. The quantities are limited, so we suggest you book one for your brother now! :)

We ship worldwide from Delhi and California.

Originally posted on our Facebook page on 27th July, 2015.