Launching Lai's new limited edition collection 'Bidri X MCM' on 22nd April! April 20 2016

Each piece in this collection has Bidri components that are handcrafted in Bidar, Karnataka by master craftsmen using time honoured techniques handed down over centuries. These Bidri components are then set in silver jewellery by expert artisans in our Jaipur workshop with extreme attention to detail at every stage.

It is for this reason we cannot make these pieces in large volumes; we start making your piece only once you order it.

This 'made to order collection' has a lead period of 2-3 weeks for the first lot and around 4 weeks for the next lot.

1st Lot: We have already gotten some bidri units made that are ready to be converted into jewellery......these pieces will be finished and ready to ship in about 2 weeks. As soon as we have your order we can block the relevant design for you and courier it to you once it is ready.

Next lot: Once the 1st lot is sold out, the wait time for the jewellery after placing your order will be additional 2 weeks since extra time will be required for the fabrication of the Bidri units also.

Drop us a line at for details or to join our mailing list, if you haven't already!



Also posted on our Facebook page on 20th April, 2016.