Launching our new collection in a video format- Lai's first video! June 29 2014

Not only have we had a great response to our Detachable Jhumka collection, design-wise, but it seems like a lot of you totally loved our idea of doing a video to launch the collection! Couldn't be more it if you haven't already! :)

"What a great idea to make a video to take us through the entire collection! Loved it! Loved the sound track!"
-Nikita Dua

"Thanks for the promotional video, this is very intelligent designing besides being aesthetic. Congratulations!"
-Maanvi Chawla

"Puja, not only is your designing leagues ahead of your contemporaries but you win hands down in presentation & idea execution. the video was another brilliant touch from you."
-Sangeeta Sinha

Originally posted on our Facebook age on 30th June, 2014