Our first ever Look Book! September 17 2014

Our first ever Look Book for our up-coming pearl collection- "Mukta carita"-is here!

"Mukta Carita (The Pearl Story)" draws its inspiration from the classic aesthetics of the past and re-interpets it for contemporary wear.....our way of celebrating the past & bringing it into the present.
If we manage to take you back to a simpler time, one that evokes wonderful memories from the past- of sneaking behind the curtains observing your mother get ready for a party, the old-world glamour of movies and grace of courtesans- and one that conveys beauty, romance and nostalgia....then we have succeeded in our attempt in putting together this Look book for you.

This is a very special collection for us.....and we thought of stepping out of the box to make it special for you too. Let us know how we did!





Originally posted on our Facebook page on 18th Sept, 2014.